Why task management with Planfix is easier than with the other tools

Why task management with Planfix is easier than with the other tools

Task management is usually busy and tricky, whatever sphere it touches on.

The only way to facilitate this process and enhance the results is by using the corresponding tools that provide the best opportunities for taking everything possible into account. Task management systems like Planfix are designed just for this, and here, we’re going to explain why Planfix is on the next level compared to similar solutions.

The problem with task management

The task management process includes four elements: planning, testing, tracking, and reporting. Sounds simple and consistent, but these elements include so many actions, particularly for each sphere, task, project, and activity, that it is nearly impossible to foresee everything necessary to hold a successful management and resource accounting.

With the technologies developing, it is far easier now, but you can still barely find a platform that would be universal, comfortable, and reliable at the same time. But the fact that it is complicated does not mean it’s not possible – that’s why we’re presenting you Planfix as one of the best options.

Planfix advantages to consider

The main reason why Planfix is perfect for any task or project management is that the initial idea was to provide the maximum opportunities with the perfect balance between complexity and comfort. In other words, the fundamental principles of the platform include:

  • using it for most activities and areas so that you don’t need several platforms for related tasks;
  • applying it regarding the variability of strategies and work modes (e.g., if you work fully remotely and your partners follow the mixed mode);
  • no employee struggles with handling the platform – the configuration is simple and intuitive, so it completes the general versatility and comfort.

Thus, you can focus directly on your tasks and not waste time on additional services requiring programmers, courses, or anything similar.

Pricing varieties for various customers

As the tool is designed for the widest audiences possible the pricing corresponds to this strategy. Planfix offers four subscription plans:

  • use the solution for free if your team has no more than 5 members;
  • Plan A starts with six and is limited to 99 users;
  • Plan B also starts with six but allows for 250 people to use the same company account;
  • Plan X provides the maximum options – it allows for 6 to 1500 employees to use the tool as an organization.

As you can see, only an upper limit alternates for the chargeable options. So if your team or company is not that big but requires more functions, you can use the opportunity. The price also differs by the periods of billing – the longer you are going to use Planfix, the more beneficial the price is.

As you can see, Planfix provides all the best options for users to feel comfortable – from the business owners who decide to hold their project management to the regular employees who complete various parts of the tasks. When you start using the tool, you discover much more benefits than we could ever describe – so don’t hesitate to use your chance to experience everything yourself!

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