Top 6 Open-Source Technologies for Business Process Management

Top 6 Open-Source Technologies for Business Process Management

Every organisation follows growth-oriented strategies and continuously improves its processes to attain success and become business leaders.

This is where the use of Business Process Management (BPM) software becomes inevitable. BPM software works as a powerful business tool to ensure that all business operations are running smoothly, and the focus is set on attaining entrepreneurial goals.
Business process management software provides a platform for employees to design business operations and put these processes under scrutiny using analysis, models and metrics. Additionally, the BPM Software facilitates employees to amend business processes and workflows in-keeping with the result-oriented, dynamic business scenario of today.
Moreover, BPM software also recognises and eliminates employee inefficiencies and miscommunication and facilitates client engagements. Searching for the right BPM software can be challenging and time consuming. With lots of free and open source process management solutions available these days, picking the right one can be extremely challenging. Here is a list of some excellent full-featured BPM software to manage your business operations easily and efficiently.


A fully customizable cloud-based BPM software, Pipefy helps employees manage business operations without expecting them to have much technical knowledge. Pipefy has a Kanban-style interface to ease business operations. It facilitates process automation to automatically move, create or update a card for information flow. Its integration feature enables Pipefy to integrate with over 500 applications and the collaboration facility helps collaborate with other teams for profits. Instant email updates and pre-designed templates make the business process smooth and reliable. Save and retrieve the firm’s important information with the help of its safe and integrated centralised storage system.

Red Hat JBoss BPM suite

Designed for IT service firms and business organisations, Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite is an open source business process management suite that combines BPM and business rules management. Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite includes integrated Red Hat JBoss BRMS to accommodate the business rules component. With this software, IT users can create, manage, validate, and deploy business processes and rules. The software helps performs complex business operations smoothly and facilitates automation of business activities for optimal utilisation of resources.


Achieve increased efficiency in building process-based applications with Bonitasoft. This open source BPM software creates responsive user interfaces with its specialized UI Designer. It provides fully documented REST APIs to develop extensions to all platforms. Its intuitive dashboard detects errors and corrects business applications. For an improved user experience, Bonita provides the quick and super convenient drag and drop facility. This digital transformation platform provides free tools to create, manage and constantly update business applications.


To handle workflow management in a cost-efficient manner switch to ProcessMaker. It is a free and open source business process management software that assists firms of all sizes to create, automate and arrange business processes. This web-based software has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that improves efficiency and optimizes your business processes. Its DynaForm feature empowers the user to create forms without coding. The software further provides drag and drop facility to move, resize or relabel process elements.


This light-weight workflow and decision automation platform is your business solution to all your worries. It is an open-source platform based on the BPMN model. An efficient BPMN maker tool, Camunda has a task list feature to create and assign tasks to the end user. This BPM software also has DMN decision engine that helps make and execute business decisions.
The Camunda Decision Model and Notation (DMN) can be used in combination with the Camunda BPM platform or as library embedded in an application. It has an interesting provision for users i.e. the cockpit. This is where one can monitor all business activities and identify technical glitches.

Adobe LiveCycle

An enterprise documentation and form creation platform, Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4 helps users process information, communicate effectively and secures sensitive information. This service-oriented architecture Java EE server software can also be used with Adobe Cloud. Now, you can easily create forms, manage documents and organise user-generated content with the help of Adobe LiveCycle. It facilitates community connection through a social engagement platform.


Business process management software revolutionizes business operations and gives companies a competitive edge by improving performance and managing operational business processes for profits. These free and open source business process management software solutions assist business leaders to design, deploy and execute all business strategies and processes for profits.

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