Top 5 VPN Software to Hide IP Address

Top 5 VPN Software to Hide IP Address

VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a secure connection that acts as an interface between our device and the server computer with all our browsing details being safe.

Data breach or threat to data privacy has evolved as a significant concern over the years because of its vulnerability, and this is where VPN comes into play. It offers all that we need.

Whether it is encrypted communication between our device and VPN server or anonymous browsing history or being safe from hackers on the internet or gaining access to Netflix or torrenting, it has all the right boxes ticked. It can make us a part of our company's network as if we're sitting in the company's office while we can be miles away

In a nutshell, it is an app that can be downloaded on our mobile or laptop and can hide our location and IP address. The best part is we don't need to be a computer expert or tech-savvy to another level to use it. So, it is hassle-free. Further, they come with dozens of different IP options such as, & many more.

There are a lot of VPN software available, but what can be better if we can get perfect ones for free? Although every software might have its restriction in the free version, reliability and reviews shouldn't be compromised. So here are five best VPN software shortlisted according to me. 

1.Hotspot Shield

What all we want when we think of using a VPN? Good reviews, anonymous browsing, multiple device connections, malware protection, easy to use, safe to use, unblocking websites. Hotspot Shield provides it all. With more than 100 million+ downloads boasting of its' military-grade encryption' and 70+ server locations, it speaks for itself.

It gives five simultaneous device connections, which makes it easier for the user to connect with the phone, laptop simultaneously. It provides 500MB daily data allowance i.e., 15GB a month, which is quite generous than other free ones. The only downside to this is, it becomes a bit of hassle as it asks for credit card details to shift to the paid version if the user ever wants to in the future, after the 7day free trial. But other than that, it is super reliable and efficient. It also supports various platforms like windows, ios, Mac, and Android.

It also comes with an excellent feature i.e., kill switch- a feature that cuts the connection to the internet as soon as the VPN fails. So, this adds more to the security factor. 


This is another VPN software that is very reliable and efficient. It comes with an ad blocker, so it's ad-free. It is secure and doesn't store logs. The amount of data transferred is erased within 3 minutes of the session end. Tweet about the provider, and you get 5GB extra data and 1GB spare every time as a referral bonus for promoting the company.

This makes it stand out. It supports various platforms like- Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, etc. 


As its name suggests, it offers high speed to the users and claims of not having compromised on that ever. While this is a reliable option, the only drawback that comes with this is that it allows 5GB free data per month, which gets reduced to 1GB eventually.

This might not be as huge as compared to that of others, but it can be taken up for basic browsing and necessary daily activities like checking up emails, etc. 

4.Proton VPN

It offers a great thing- unlimited data. Apart from this, it has a lot to offer. It is entirely ad-free, keeps no logging history, which means the user's browsing history is completely anonymous, and as a result, no threat of spying or hacking. It is supported on various platforms like- Windows, ios, Mac, Android, etc.

Adding to all these, it comes with a kill switch, which makes it even more secure to use. But the downside to this is that it gives lower speed to free users compared to those opted for paid ones, and it limits to one device. 

5.Tunnel Bear

The feature of it that makes it stand out is that it offers the user to choose from over 22 countries with absolutely no speed reduction or any restriction. It provides 5 simultaneous device connections.

But the drawback to this is that it provides a data allowance of 500MB per month, which is quite less as compared to that of others but can be accessed when we feel the need for a bit of privacy on the internet.

Most importantly, what we must not forget is that we are getting so much without being charged a penny. It is supported on various platforms like- Windows, Mac, ios, Android, etc. And yes, tweet about this, and get 1GB extra data. That's something interesting to offer. 

Indeed, the paid versions are bound to be better than most free ones. But there is no shortage of free VPN services options that the user can probe into unless there are professional interests involved. So, all in all, these free VPN software come with a great deal with varied features to offer to the user to select from them as per his needs. 


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