Magento Commerce Cloud features and benefits

Magento Commerce Cloud features and benefits

The Magento ecommerce platform has been the leading choice of retailers all over the world. Nowadays, it offers three products: Magento Open Source (once called Magento Community), Magento Commerce (once known as Magento Enterprise), and Magento Commerce Cloud. So before developing your online store powered by Magento, you have to choose the most suitable edition, identifying your requirements and relating them to the capabilities of each version.

Or you can check out this article Magento 2 Commerce vs Open Source vs Commerce Cloud to find out which edition is right for you.

But if you make a decision to apply a cloud-based ecommerce solution, this article will go over the Magento Cloud features and core benefits that help Magento to keep ahead of the competition.

What is Magento Commerce Cloud? 

Magento Commerce Cloud is a robust platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that gives the ability to scale up your Magento website, customize it, in addition to better security and rapid development process. Magento Cloud also came up with innovative technologies such as Fastly, Blackfire, and New Relic, which makes the deployment process much easier. Moreover, it supports a set of extra features that brings this edition to a new level in comparison to Commerce and Open Source editions:

  • rapid development;
  • continuous deployment;
  • customizable environment;
  • high scalability;
  • enhanced security.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Cost is based on a tiered model and ranges from $40,000 up to $300,000. But what you get with Magento Commerce Cloud is easily worth the price. So for mid-sized merchants, Magento's license will be easy to justify. 

Magento Commerce Cloud Architecture

Magento Cloud offers Starter and Pro plans. Each plan has an exceptional architecture to leverage your ecommerce store development process. 

Magento Commerce Cloud Starter plan architecture supports:

  • All Magento 2 core features;
  • PayPal Onboarding Tool;
  • Business Intelligence Essentials.

Magento Commerce Cloud Pro plan architecture supports:

  • All Magento 2 core features;
  • PayPal Onboarding Tool;
  • Business Intelligence Pro;
  • B2B module.

Top Magento Commerce Cloud features

Magento Cloud provides advanced features you can apply to complex ecommerce strategies. Designed to orchestrate commerce across every channel, the platform provides a highly customizable and scalable end-to-end e-commerce solution. Let’s take a look at the core features.

1.New ece-tools package to manage & deploy stores.

When you operate your website through Magento Commerce, you want a system that allows you to deliver a scalable website suited to your customer’s needs. The updated ece-tools package is a set of scripts and tools aimed to simplify various processes, such as cron management, docker deploy environment, and project verification. It includes scripts and commands that give merchants the possibility to automatically deploy the ecommerce projects. With the ece-tools package, you can manage the backup of the database, apply custom patches, and verify environment configuration. 

2.Hosted on the Cloud.

Perhaps, the most important thing about the Adobe Commerce Cloud is its cloud nature. Thus, anyone can manage an e-commerce website anywhere.Magento Commerce Cloud is run on AWS and hosted by a dedicated team of developers who can guarantee your ecommerce store is operating with maximum efficiency. 

3.An enormous administrative suite.

Magento Commerce Cloud offers features that are incredibly valuable to sophisticated eCommerce strategies. Here are just a few:

  • Page builder. Magento is built to support content and commerce strategies, that allow administrators to build out unique pages around their products.
  • B2B module. It includes a number of features such as: quoting, company accounts, quick checkout options, credit lines, customer-specific payment options, requisition lists, quick order, customer-specific pricing and catalogs, purchasing limits, and more.
  • Elastic Search enables you to customize search results throughout your Magento store and manage search requests through large catalogs in multiple languages. This is extremely useful for customers attempting to navigate massive inventories.
  • Segmentation. You can segment users based on browsing history and cart contents to offer unique pricing, sales, cross-sells and up-sells. 
  • Instant Purchase. Magento can remember the customer’s shipping and payment information in order to speed out the checkout process.
  • Content Staging. With this feature, you have the possibility to schedule the modifications to CMS Pages or Blocks to go live. 
  • Custom Pricing. Magento Commerce Cloud is especially useful for B2B, and can be used to offer quotes and custom catalogues to customers. Moreover, customers can create accounts within Magento in order to speed up their ordering process.

So what are the benefits of using Magento Commerce Cloud?

The cloud-hosted ecommerce is gaining a lot of popularity because of the high scalability of the cloud-hosted platform. Let’s name the key advantages that Cloud Edition provides to its customers.

Seamless production deploymen

The most time-consuming task during the website maintenance mode during deployment into production is the size of the content like images, videos, JS, CSS, and sometimes even the entire web pages. In 2017, Magento introduced two options which significantly reduce the maintenance time duration:

  • Magento improved Minification along with configuration management tweaks;
  • Full static content running on demand by the page requests.

Enhanced security

Due to its cloud nature, Magento provides great security while reducing the operational responsibilities of the merchant. As an additional protection measure, Magento started to implement a Web Application Firewall (WAF), powered by Fastly. It provides protection from the most common security threats commonly known as OWASP Top 10, by cutting off the malicious code trying to enter the site. 

Better performance

Magento Commerce Cloud already works on Amazon Web that is a strong platform. AWS has gradually provided an increase in memory and hence delivering a continuous increase in performance. Moreover, the Magento team also performed optimization of some other features such as MySQL buffers, REDIS Cache, and ElasticSearch, which brought in additional performance enhancements. 

Pagespeed improvement

High-quality images are one of the most important parts of a successful web store as they have a direct impact on conversion rate and thus on sales. However, these rich images are often is a cause of slowdowns due to their large size. So Magento has released Image Optimization which reduces the image size by more than 60%.

Why should you choose Magento Cloud?

Magento Commerce Cloud provides a great variety of inclusive features tailored to specific ecommerce business requirements. You should opt for Magento Cloud Edition if you require: 


  • Seamless Production Deployment
  • Continuous Innovations
  • Multiple Business Models
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Omnichannel Experiences
  • Customizable Service
  • Enormous Administrative Suite
  • Enhanced Security
  • Short Time to Market 
  • Page Speed Improvements
  • Better Performance
  • Elastic Scalability
  • Increased Storage.

All these features are valuable only if you have a development team that can help you to turn Magento’s functionality into your advantage. As certified Magento Solution Partners, our Magento development agency can help you to deliver an omnichannel retail experience and integrate all business processes into a powerful Magento solution.

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