Top 5 Prototype Tools for the UX Design based on Mobile App Development

Top 5 Prototype Tools for the UX Design based on Mobile App Development

Mobile applications that are developed for the clients were relying on many factors.

Such as the purpose, content, User Interface and the most important is the User Experience. Most of the clients or the customers preferred the design of the app as a priority. Let us say a real-life example, consider apparel shop where you need to a buy t-shirt which is under the cost under your budget then you always prefer the choice which is fit and looks appropriate-design for you, in the same way, the mobile app design also plays a major role in the app development industries.
There are many elements must be considered when you think on user experience like psychologically, cost-wise, tools that you are going to be used for designing and may more aspects. In this blog, I have mentioned the top prototype tools for the user experience based on the mobile app development which is used by the top app development companies.


This tool prototype created for designers by designers. It can easily create mock-up for the design you create and it can easily shareable with your clients. It is a standalone design as the presentation tool. This creates a to-do list simultaneously it allows others to chime in the discussion. The mobile prototype is very reliable with its usage by the gesture and even it has a feature called InVision Sync App, which is similar to Dropbox. The live share feature allows a user to collaborate in real-time using an in-browser screen share.
The InVision Studio Software is free for 1 project which announced by the official InVision and later on for the starter $15/month, for professional’s $25/month, for the team $100/month; the team can have 5 members. It is available for both Windows OS and macOS. The tool can easily adapt to your orientations and devices. These tools especially work like an app instead of a browser tool which is quite easier to handle by the designers.

Adobe XD

It is the most famous tool among the designer which is a vector-based type. It allows the user to create user interfaces for not only a mobile app but also web applications too. It supports five languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. It has many features around design factors like voice design which means a user control design over the voice and speech playback.
Adobe XD is also compatible with custom plugins. In addition to that, the Adobe XD has a feature of connecting with other tools like slack and Microsoft terms to collaborate by Adobe creative cloud. It is also able to control or adjust and move from the MacOS to windows OS. The recent update is that Adobe XD CC (experience Design) is now available for free. And the paid version of Adobe XD is around ($0 to $52.99/month) as an individual whereas for the business purposes it ranges from ($0 to $79.99/month).


This tool is predominantly used for the user experience and user interface for the mobile and web app. This is a vector-based type and it works on macOS only. The design which has been created from this tool by the app engineers is used to converts them into websites. This tool handles in a very efficient way to approach the design with a multitude of ideas. It consists of hundreds of plugins. The workflow of this tool is just amazing.
The latest version of Sketch 56.3 improves the experience of registering the app with a Sketch and also fixes issues with the cloud document. The personal license of this tool is $99 and the volume license for two devices is $89. The trial version of this app is around 30 days from the first time you launch the app on a device. Sketch cloud is also great for sharing the design by getting feedback and distributing libraries. It can easily manageable by the user from its dashboard.


It is a rich internet application which is gets mapped by the desired interface behaviors. It can also connect with tools like slack and Microsoft teams to collaborate. It supports both Microsoft OS and Mac OS. This wireframing tool can be created with more interactive clickable prototypes for the application based on the web and mobile application. The pros of this tool are that once you created the design it can be easily converted or exported to HTML or PDF. The icons can easily be drag and drop.
The rich features of this tool are best for professional designers who look predominantly for high visual effects. The cost of the tool is around $29/month and for team $49. The Axure cloud is used for sharing the prototype. The feedback can be gathering at the top of your screens. It inspects layout, gets CSS snippets and useful for downloading the assets.


This tool is based on the product design platform. The feature of UXpin is very helpful for synchronizing with sketch and Photoshop files. This tool is very easier to handle and it consumes only less time to work. The pricing details of this prototype are free for those who want to learn, basic prototypes by using animation, interactions are nearly $12/month, and the advanced version is around $20/month. The design system lets you collect the guidelines and resources at the early stages of the project for the design.
It can be accessed via the top of the dashboard. The system consists of four components that are colors, typography, assets, and components. The element from the canvas can also be added. You can easily share the design with the external collaborators and stakeholders even the account of the UX pin is not active. This helps you to maintain consistency and simplify the process of your team that you work with.


The User Experience plays an important role to move forward to the app. So you must be aware of each update to make your design technology to the next level. The tools which I have mentioned were used by the top mobile app development companies. If you are going to use any kind of tool for the UX design always make it into your mind to select with its flexible features to support in every aspect that you need.

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