Top 5 CCleaner Alternatives You Can Use

Top 5 CCleaner Alternatives You Can Use

It’s a common thing that every PC/Mac requires proper maintenance to working properly.

If you never replace the oil in your vehicle on time, the life expectancy of the motor will be a lot shorter than it has to be. On the off chance, if you drive your vehicle with old coolant, you can anticipate that it should overheat and for the most part run inadequately. PCs, including Macs, are like vehicles since they also require some maintenance to run like new.

CCleaner has been one of the most believed PC/Mac utility tool and best Mac cleaner accessible over the previous decade, and not without reason. The product is light on assets, yet amazing enough to keep your PC/Mac healthy over a significant stretch of time. It accompanies the standard arrangement of tools that you'd anticipate from a PC utility programming; however, it is one of the most secure and most proficient utility software available in the market today. In addition, the program was entirely free for home use as of not long ago, and despite the fact that it currently has a paid variant with some additional fancy odds and ends, the vast majority of the significant highlights are as yet accessible in the free form, which is one reason it keeps on staying a most loved even today.

With the ease in technology, there is much best Mac cleaning software available in the market. We have listed few CCleaner alternative that features almost same as CCleaner software and give your Mac full protection. Have a look!

What Is CCleaner? Is It Good For Mac?


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CCleaner is an application initially created by the British organization Performs and later offered to another Czech organization Avast that professes to clean up and optimize your moderate PC. The underlying rendition was created for PCs in 2004, with CCleaner Mac to follow in 2012.

No issues up until now, as it are the best disk cleaner for Mac. In addition, the CCleaner application has gotten exceptionally popular, supporting a large number of accounts and has provided free version that could be downloaded from its site.

How To Run CCleaner Software In Mac?

How To Run CCleaner Software In Mac

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CCleaner software is used to clear cache, cookies, browsing history logs, unnecessary files and many more to boost up your Mac speed and performance. This software doesn’t touch your personal files, documents and internal applications of Mac. The important part of this cleaning software is to clean up unnecessary files from Mac. Below are the steps to use CCleaner software, here we go:

  • Download and install CCleaner software from the App store or official website on Mac.
  • In cleaner tool, select the options that you would like to clean up.
  • Click on Analyze and if you are satisfied what you have to clean up, click on Run Cleaner.

By following the above steps, all the cache, junk and unnecessary files will be successfully deleted from your Mac and your Mac will perform smoother.

Overall, CCleaner is one of the best apps to clean Mac and mostly the reviews of CCleaner are positive with the average rating of 4.5/5. Now, the question is which is the best Mac junk cleaning software as compare to CCleaner?

CCleaner For Mac Alternatives

There are many CCleaner alternatives in the market today and it is difficult to choose for Mac. We have listed 5 CCleaner alternatives that you can choose from them. Have a look!

1.  Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care

Image Source- Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is perhaps one of the best alternatives to CCleaner, it has all the cleaning and enhancement tools and features that one can request. It's advanced functionalities ensure that your framework is malware-free, duplicates free, and junk-free which are the major portion to make any machine slow. It's several enhancing modules incorporate highlights like Duplicate Finder, Privacy Scanner, Malware Scanner, Junk Scanner to guarantee that your private information is unblemished and much more.

2.   Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pr

Image Source- Disk Clean Pro

One more Mac cleaning Apps and alternative to CCleaner, Disk Clean Pro makes your Mac updated by deleting unnecessary files. It has single-click Cleaning feature, you can restore more space on your Mac.

It comes with Logs Cleaner, Junk Cleaner and various features for thoroughly cleaning your Mac. Its improvement features like find duplicate files, unused files, a large number of files and old download files, you can sort your Mac disk storage section in a matter of minutes.

Another one you can do with this, you can similarly delete files from trash, remove old backup files and download to keep your Mac system well organized.

3.   CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X

Image Source- Tech Crunch

CleanMyMac application finds and erase unwanted files, be it fragmentary downloads, useless constraints, caches. Furthermore, you can discard clutter in your iTunes, Photos, and Mail application to recover more space on your Mac hard drive.

The Mac cleaning software comes power-loaded with a huge amount of features to oversee accumulated RAM, disable and manage Login Items, launch agents and that is only the start. This will diminish the weight on your Mac and make it run faster.

It cannot simply uninstall unwanted applications from your Mac yet likewise can update the present applications to guarantee there are no item conflicts.

4.   MacBooster 8

MacBooster 8

mage Source- Mac Booster

MacBooster 8 is also the best Mac cleaning software and CCleaner alternative to clean your Mac, as it can remove and delete junk files and remove malware and virus from your Mac. This Mac cleaning application comes with features to optimize hard disk storage to quicken the performance of your Mac.

What's more, this Mac cleaner also guards your Mac security by taking out malicious cookies while online. This cleaner for mac comes with various tools to remove duplicate records, login things, and huge files to recover space on your Mac.

5.   Mac Clean Pro

Mac Clean Pro

Image Source- PC Risk

Mac Clean Pro is another alternative of CCleaner software for Mac. With One-Click Cleaning feature rapidly wipes out all junk files and guarantees the security of your Mac. Every single unneeded language, cache, temporary files and log files are checked and removed right away, discharging sufficient space on a hard drive. It likewise upgrades applications by removing reluctant parts from them, causing them to perform better.



Image Source- MacKeeper

MacKeeper is an indispensable app for boosting your computer's productivity as well as protecting it from viruses and malware. If compared to a conventional antivirus, it is significantly more powerful and functional. Working proactively, MacKeeper detects potential hazards long before they target you and wards them off. Thanks to regular updates, it easily identifies even the newest viruses and always thinks ahead of the curve.

If your computer is running out of memory, MacKeeper will rapidly reveal duplicate files, junk items, unused apps and other unwanted elements that might clog up your hard drive. It will clean them gently and efficiently, leaving the necessary components unaffected. In contrast to manual cleaning, you won't need to spend hours filtering files, sending them to the trash bin and emptying it — just push the button and the procedure will be completed in a matter of seconds. Your Mac will once again become smart and quick.

To save you from annoying ads, MacKeeper will prevent third-party trackers from spying on you. With this app, you'll never become a victim of identity thefts. If someone tries to steal your computer, MacKeeper will trace them and you'll be able to reclaim your device in no time.

We have listed above top five CCleaner alternatives for Mac you can use to to speed up your Mac. If you have any suggestions and questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.


Would you like to know the best Mac cleaning software? What are the best CCleaner alternatives that you can use for Mac? Read the above article to know more.

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