Affiliate Marketing Vs Client SEO: Which One To Choose?

Affiliate Marketing Vs Client SEO: Which One To Choose?

If you've just learned how to do SEO or if you've been doing SEO for some time as a job, then you may be thinking about using SEO for your own business endeavors.

There are two main paths that you can follow and they are client SEO or affiliate marketing. Client SEO is all about taking on other businesses as your clients and optimizing their websites so that they get more traffic and customers for a monthly fee. 

Affiliate marketing on the other hand is all about building or buying websites and promoting affiliate products on them. You then use your SEO skills to drive targeted traffic to your sites, which results in more sales and affiliate commissions. With that said, we will now take a closer look at affiliate marketing vs client SEO so that you can choose the best one for you. 

Firstly, with both of these SEO business models, you will be your own boss, however, with client SEO you will have clients. This means that you will have to actually talk to businesses and try and convert them into your customers. You will basically need to sell the benefits of SEO to businesses and constantly try to get new clients.

As with any website, creating high-quality content is going to be your foundation. Looking at tools to help you find about the ranking keywords is going to help you drive traffic to your website and climb the search rankings. You would also need to create a lot of high-quality SEO content and get some new blog topics to drive traffic. This is known as practicing Inbound Marketing and is a solid SEO strategy to drive traffic to your website. 

Also, you will have to be accountable to your clients and not only deliver what you promise, but also spend time on the phone with them explaining the ups and downs of their websites. This is definitely a great type of business for an extrovert or a person who enjoys interacting with others and helping other businesses grow. 

On the other hand, affiliate marketing is much more suited to introverted personality types or people who simply don't want to have to account to anyone. This particular business model is great for you if you truly want to be your own boss. Of course, depending on your budget and how much time you have to work with, you may need to hire virtual assistants, graphic designers, writers, link builders etc. However, that is all optional if you're willing to learn those skills yourself. 

Next, another difference between affiliate marketing and client SEO is that it is much easier to immediately start making money from client SEO than affiliate marketing. With client SEO, you can easily go out and find a client and get paid today. However, with affiliate marketing, it will take many months and even a year or two before you start making decent money, especially if you're building your affiliate sites from scratch. However, if you have money to invest, you can simply buy affiliate sites on platforms such as Empire Flippers, Flippa, Fe International etc. that are currently making money.

It is also a bit easier to get to six figures a year with client SEO than with affiliate marketing. This is because once you have your systems down as well as sufficient staff, you can easily scale your client SEO business by taking on more customers. Affiliate SEO is a bit harder to scale since affiliate sites take a while to build up high traffic levels and increase income. However, you can quickly scale with affiliate marketing if you purchase other income-producing sites and add them to your growing portfolio.

In summary, both affiliate marketing and client SEO are excellent SEO based businesses to get into. It all comes down to your personal preferences and you can actually run both types of businesses at the same time. So, once you're interested in building internet businesses, SEO and affiliate marketing are essential skills that you can easily learn from a good SEO and affiliate marketing course

There are many of these courses on the internet, however, you should only purchase and learn from courses that were made by well-known SEOs and marketers so that you learn the best business practices and white hat strategies.


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