Tips to decode the best technology for your website development

Tips to decode the best technology for your website development

Website design and development play a major role in the success of any online platform. Whether you are the owner, developer, designer or a member of the digital marketing team; it is important that you are aware of all the technology options and advanced tools that make a website successful.

Once you have laid down the framework, it becomes easier to start the actual process. In the following sections, let us look at a few pointers that will help you in your pursuit of creating a forum that best showcases your business.
Tips that have been proven to help in determining the best website design software:

  • Priority to UX - Let us take the example of a web development company. You have used the best graphics whilst building your website in order to create a lasting impression. However, the important thing is that when people visit your website, they should be able to relate to it in the first instance. The design, content and UI are the first things that catch the interest of the user. The product/service that you are selling must shout out to the prospective clients and lure them to choose you over your competitors. Consider the best website design software for such results.
  • AI and ML - There are many popular websites that have started incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their websites. If you wish to come across as a leader in Information Technology, usage of these is quite significant. Using chatbots for better customer engagement is one of the basic features most of the online businesses are offering their visitors.
  • Responsive design - Most of us rely on our mobile devices for information, products and services several times a day. They have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. When you are looking for a web design service provider, make sure that they can offer you a mobile version of your app in addition to the web. This way, your visibility will increase and you will be able to reach the target audience.
  • Security - This is an aspect that you cannot ignore. The growing instances of breaches in data and other pertinent information are factors that any web development company must address. As a website owner, you should make sure that your visitors’/customers’ details are kept safe at all times. A thorough Quality Assurance and Security Testing is a must before deployment for negating all potential risks.
  • The above are a few key elements meant to help you develop a website that is relevant, dynamic and at par with the current industry trends. Focusing on them will help you create a site that attracts the target audience and engage them for the best results

In addition to the above, there are several technical tools that you will need to consider with your web design service provider. Depending on whether it is a basic eCommerce website or an advanced one with state-of-the art-features enabled, you can choose the ones that are ideal for your business model. Here are a few references that will help you in creating an avante-garde site:

  • Site builder or Content Management Systems

There are many website builders that are readily available and are easy to work with. Anyone can develop their own online platform without much effort. You can consider the templates/pre-fixed styles. This option is comparatively cost-effective.
However, if you are looking for customised solutions, CMS is the way forward. It allows the developers to create unique features for their websites and make them stand out from the rest. Making changes at a later stage is also considered to be easier with an effective CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla.

  • Frameworks

Based on whether yours is a single page application or a multi-page, there are a number of efficient options available. Open source frameworks such as Rails, Django, etc. are extensively used and are known for their flexibility, feature-rich solutions and extensive usability. Each of these have a few traits which make them different from the rest. You can choose an ideal one based on the requirements and feasibility of its implementation.

  • Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a very popular open-source front-end framework containing CSS and JavaScript based design templates. These enable web developers in building responsive, mobile first user experiences. It results in a better UX as the UI is augmented with numerous features.
With many components readily available, this framework is known for speeding the web design process as a whole while creating visually appealing web pages.
Whatever technology you choose, make sure that you plan your SEO strategy right from the initial stages of development. Many websites make the mistake of doing so after it is up and running and lose out of opportunities. Take the help of an expert and implement these plans in the initial stages for a successful online presence.

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Neelima Karepudi

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