SEO Mistakes That Can Get your Website Penalized

SEO Mistakes That Can Get your Website Penalized

SEO Mistakes That Can Get your Website Penalized

Whether it is about growing an online business or lead generation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) turns to be the most important and vital subject.

SEO experts use the various SEO methods and practices to trigger the online business sale on SERP results. But, some internet marketers optimize the website with outdated and forbidden SEO methods, which gradually damage the ranking of the site or search engines may ban your sites.

Indulging in these mistakes can actually lead you to face certain manual penalties, thereby affecting your site’s organic growth. Therefore, be aware of the SEO mistakes to prevent your website from being penalized or banned in the search engines. So, avoid these following mistakes to make your online presence in the marketplace for the long run.

  • Keyword Stuffing: A popular belief is that using the targeted keywords in the content can improve the website ranking as well as implementing them moderately into the content can also generate quality content. But, in accordance with the panda algorithm, excess usage of keywords or repeating the keywords, again and again, can drop the growth of your website. The process of overloading your site with the more keywords is called “KEYWORD STUFFING”, which is not good for your website. So, avoid the over usage of keywords more than one or two times.
  • Lack of Website Security: These days website security is major concern to prevent your user’s data from getting into the wrong hands. Having a hacked website can harm your SEO badly if the expert hackers are using the black hat SEO techniques to get benefits from your websites. Therefore, you need to protect your websites by checking it regularly and providing proper security measures to it because a secured website can encrypt the sensitive data by making it highly secure. It is an easy way to establish a high authority website.
  • Duplicate Content: Uploading a low-quality content and duplicate content is not good for the website to get profitability. Low-quality content means short, unreasonable, inconsistent, and meaningless content which cannot continue the presence of website online. In addition, search engines will de-index the websites those have copied content from other sources. Therefore, producing a unique, plagiarism-free, and high-quality content will keep the eminence of your website for the longer-time.
  • Broken Links: Broken links basically refer to those links that lead to nowhere or an error page. Landing on the error page will diminish your site’s value. Therefore, you must have to track of your links with tools to make sure that your website is not holding the broken links on every page. On the other hand, SEO specialist keeps to check the basic reasons of broken links like adding misspelled links, moving the webpage, forgetting to change internal links and various other technical issues to build-up your links. This will also ensure the search engines that your content is not irrelevant.
  • The Website is Not Mobile-Friendly: A common mistake in SEO is the lack of adaptation for any devices, including mobile phones. As you know, most of the visitors use the tablets and smartphones to interface with the online system so you should have to set up a cross-platform. A bad mobile user experience is bad for your search engine rankings. So, make sure that your site displays correctly and works well on the all mobile devices. You can use special tools to check your mobile version of the site.
  • Lack of Website Analytics: Not using the analytics tools to keep track the record of the website can punish the online business badly. Analytical tools help the SEO professionals in measuring, collecting, and analyzing the web data in regards to keep a clear record of the website. So, add your website into these tools to improve the referral traffic, which is also helpful to see from where exactly your visitors come to visit your website.

Final Words:

Surely, you do not want to do these above-mentioned mistakes to harm your website. So, whether you implement search engine optimization techniques on your own or hiring an SEO consultant, using the best Seo services can protect your site from getting penalized.

Posted by Lauren Mclaren

Lauren Mclaren
Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle limited - The Best Seo Company in Australia. She has a team of SEO experts who help her in every project. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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