Opera Neon - Future of WEB BROWSERS

Opera Neon - Future of WEB BROWSERS

Do you remember the times when we've been browsing using Netscape Navigator? Can you recall jokes about Internet Explorer?

From the current statistics users are mostly using Google Chrome ( 73.7 % ), followed by Mozilla Firefox Fans (15.5 %) and 3rd place goes to Microsoft's Edge/IE .

Is this going to change as new/old player just joined the scene?

Introducing Opera Neon - "future of internet browsing"

From the moment you open Neon you'll notice that it this is not your average browser. From Cool new interface and instead of having tabs at the top, you get round bubbles on the right. The browser is transparent and your desktop shows through. It is a completely different take on how we use browsers, based on how we use browsers these days.

Opera Neon also supports a split-screen view, allowing you to view two pages side-by-side by dragging a second tab on to the omnibar of an already open window – after a short pause, you’ll be prompted to place it to the left or right of that window.

King is dead, long live the king!

After using Neon for a week, I must say, that I realised I am old fashioned guy. Guy who loves tabs to be on top of the screen instead of on the side. And while working in Neon split screen, while it is cool and it boosted my productivity, I won't be leaving Firefox for now.

On the other hand, my 4. year old daughter loves it, she likes bubbles, and enjoys split screen feature very much. That is the reason why I gave this article title "Future of web browsing"

Download Opera and try it 4 yourself

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