The Best Technology Integration for Small Businesses

The Best Technology Integration for Small Businesses

In this digital age, technology integration for small business websites is essential. When you have a website for your business, you'll definitely gain a lot of benefits such as the ability to showcase your products or services to millions of people and provide an alternative retail platform to your customers.

However, without help from any form of website integrations, your business won't have a competitive edge. Here's why it's important to integrate your website to hundreds of apps or software:

  • Marketing edge. From a simple type of print advertising back in the day, marketing is now a rapidly evolving online practice today. Its growth didn't make it any easier for business, but with the right technology integration to your website, you're surely going to have more chances of gaining consumer data, customers, and profit.
  • Better project management. These days, resource management can be a difficult task, especially to those businesses who are active digitally. But, if your website is incorporated with project management tools or services you can assess workload, build complicated schedules, plan budgets for projects, follow the development of ongoing tasks, and safely store important files – all at the same time.
  • Improved Customer Support. For many businesses, customer support is important for their survival and profitability. If you have a website integrated with a customer support app or system, interested consumers or loyal customers can just contact you anytime and anywhere. In turn, you'll be able to entertain their questions or complaints quickly.

Still not convinced? Take note of the risks you'll encounter if you decide not to integrate your website:

  • The risk of losing social media exposure. Technology integration allows your website to be connected with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. When you don't integrate your websites with key social media platforms, you'll lose the chance to find curious consumers and connect with customers.
  • The risk of losing sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is crucial to any business that seeks to know its customer's views on certain topics. There are apps that can help websites track customer opinion, and so if you don't apply web integrations, you'll definitely lose the opportunity to know your market more.
  • The risk of losing leads. Without the right kind of technology integration, you'll risk the chance of turning you potential customers into brand evangelists one day.

Now that you know the risks of not having web integrations. Don't miss the chance to improve your business’ overall performance online with these apps:

  • Facebook. Launched in 2004, Facebook has grown into a social media giant where millions of people converge to connect to products and services that matter to them. Connecting your website to your own Facebook page can help improve your traffic and your chances of finding potential customers.
  • YouTube. It is a popular video-sharing website that has millions of users and hundreds of online content contributors. You can use YouTube to create your own promotional content and improve the search ranking of your website when you embed your video in your blog articles.
  • ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is founded in 2003 and is a complete marketing platform. It aims to help businesses automate sales, gather consumer social and behavioral, and conduct email marketing campaigns. If you use ActiveCampaign, you'll have the essentials you need to make an online presence.
  • Insightly. With over millions of users, Insightly has helped companies to have better customer relationship management and project management systems with their wide array of services. Surely with their impressive services, you can enhance the way you manage your projects and customers.

And that ends our discussion about the best technology integration for growing enterprises. If you think there are more web integrations that can be useful to small business out there, don't hesitate to share your opinions.

Abegail Louise Acosta
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