Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Managing a Wordpress Website

Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Managing a Wordpress Website

Now, the businesses have gone online thanks to WordPress and its efficiency. So, WordPress is popularly known for the business sites. As WordPress is a wonderful platform for website management, it is also very much prone to getting hacked.

Managing a WordPress website is of utmost importance as the business completely depends on the efficiency of the website. Security and management both are the most important factors affecting a WordPress website. There are few tips that would help you in managing your WordPress website which are described as below.

Keeping the website up to date

Keeping the website up to date is of very much importance and doing this will involve keeping the core WordPress up to the date. This will again involve in checking for the plugins and the other files. For this purpose, you need to engage your developers to monitor all the plugins whether they have not gone out of date and do create conflicts that can cause some issues with the site and its functionality. Few hosting providers scan for these types of files automatically or as an alternative, you can also hire a web agency for doing the work of website maintenance for you.

Try to ignore the installation of new plugins

As far as possible, try to ignore installing new plugins as they may cause conflicts with the other plugins and may increase your website load time. Only if your developing team requires some functionality to incorporate into the website, then and then only a particular plugin should be installed for that specific purpose. Thus, by keeping this thing in mind, you can manage your WordPress website easily.

Maintaining your site content

As WordPress is a wonderful Content Management System, maintaining the content of the site is an easy thing. You need to create your own content and link it with different search engines so that the visitors will return to your site again and again through those links.

Using email as login

Normally, we input username in the login id to log into the site. But, inputting an email address instead of a username is a safer way to get logged in to the website. This is because usernames are easily predictable but email addresses are not and so any WordPress user account is created with a unique email address which will make it a valid identifier for logging in. For this purpose, the WP Email Login plugin is used and it requires no configuration at all but starts working only on the activation.

Keeping upgraded

It is required to keep your WordPress website upgraded with its latest versions of plugins to maintain it well and also keep it secured. For this purpose, WP introduces updates at regular intervals to include bug fixes, security patches, and enhancements.

Disabling the unused plugins and themes

It happens many a times that a lot of plugins and themes remain unused when some changes are made to the WordPress website and they cause the risk of security because they remain unused and are also not updated. Due to this, the website is exposed to insecurity and non-maintainable state which increase the risk of being hacked.

Keeping regular backups of the site

It is very important to take the backup of your website at regular intervals. This is because, in the case of any crash or conflicts, your site data is safe and secure which you can anytime keep in place and develop your WordPress website again. Moreover, keeping the backup of your website helps you in recovering quickly from any attack in case if there is any.

Limiting the login attempts

Limiting the login attempt to your WordPress website will prevent the hackers from getting access to your WordPress installation. Also, the limited attempts will not allow them to get the correct login to your website and so your website will be automatically protected from hackers.

Adjusting your passwords

Changing the passwords of your website is a good practice. Also, you can improve the strength of your passwords by adding a uppercase letter, a number and or special symbol. Basically, it is a secured way to keep changing the passwords of your website especially the admin side passwords, which will reduce the chances of being hacked.

Using SSL to encrypt the data

You can secure your admin panel by implementing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which will ensure secured data transfer between user browsers and the server. This will, in turn, make it difficult for the hackers to breach the connection. For this purpose, you can purchase an SSL certificate from any dedicated companies or also can ask from your hosting firm.


Thus, managing your WordPress website equally important as securing it. The above mentioned tips will guide through the management and security of your WordPress website though there are still lots of tips which you may get and you can follow.

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