Make Your Website Easier to Find for Customers

Make Your Website Easier to Find for Customers

To find more customers, those potential customers must first be able to find you. These tips will make that possible!

Pick the Right URL

Choosing the right URL for your website is the first thing to do when creating a website. If you already have a website and it’s not getting the traffic you want, you should go back and change your URL. You should come up with a series of keywords that are relevant to your business and then think about how they could fit into your URL.

Don’t use a URL that is too similar to another already existing website as this will just lead to confusion. You don’t want to be losing half of your traffic to another website because a lot of people are getting the two websites mixed up. This is why you need to do your research before you choose.

Improve Your Search Result Ranking

The only way to improve how high your web pages rank on search engine results pages is to hone your search engine optimization skills. This means using keywords in your titles and webpages to make sure that the people who are looking for what you offer can find you easily.

There are other ways to improve your SEO too though. You can cooperate with other websites and businesses and make links between them. This shows search engines that your site is trusted by other better-established websites. If you’re still not confident in doing this by yourself, you could hire a search engine optimization agency to do it for you.

Use Social Media Properly

Social media can be a great source of traffic towards your website if you get your social media usage right. It’s no use just using the websites to be promotional and post adverts. People on social media can quite easily tell when they’re being fed a sales pitch, so don’t even try it.

Instead, you should take the time and make the effort to build up a loyal base of followers on social media. You should speak and post with an authentic voice while also remembering that you run a business, and you’re there to improve your sales figures. Slip in links back to your website every so often, but not so much that it puts people off.

Make Connections

Connections are important. You should do everything you can to make new connections with both customers and fellow business owners. As I discussed above, the best way to connect with customers and potential customers is over social media. Although, it can be a good idea to create content that people like too.

Making the right connections with the right business owners and industry names is a little more tricky, but just as important. You should try to get your name known in your industry and give fellow business owners a reason to hook up with you and promote each other’s businesses. Don’t try to connect with rival businesses though!

These tips will all make your website much easier to find for people who might be interested in what your business does.

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