Key Things Every New Website Needs

Key Things Every New Website Needs

If you are about to launch a new website, it can be a little bit tricky to get your ideas on the page. You know you want to have easy access to all the key areas on your site, and you also want the navigation to be simple.

You might be worried that the pages won’t look right for all browsers and mobile devices. You may also be concerned about where to place images and logos for maximum impact and effect.

There are plenty of things to worry about, which is why a lot of people select a simple template from a free or paid-for a website provider. However, this means your site may look very similar to other sites that your customers may have had a bad experience with. By having a custom website, you will be able to build your unique brand and style with no fear that anyone will copy you. There are several things that every website needs:

Content - Content is key whether you are building up an e-Commerce site or you want an online presence for your mall store. You may want to add a blog to your website so you can regularly add plenty of unique and useful content. This pleases the search engines and will help you move up the search engine results for your keywords. Most importantly, it provides you with something to tweet about. You can post links to new content for your followers to click through. This drives traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimized - The content for your website must be selected and crafted carefully. There are many mistakes that can be made, such as overusing your keywords. The layout will also factor into your results. You will also want to link into other areas of your website, and other highly regarded websites that are relevant to your content. Be careful not to overload your pages with large images as it will slow down the load speed of the website. If your website is not performing well with the search engines, now may be the time to hire an SEO company. They can audit your site and make change recommendations that work.

Navigation - Provide easy to navigate buttons and links that can be used from even the smallest devices. The button design is still important so that visitors to your website can easily see where to touch. Keep blog pages a sensible length so that endless scrolling to find something isn’t necessary. Links to useful or related articles and contents should be kept visible and easy to click too.

You may want to future proof your website too. When you are just starting out, you may play around with the format and tweak your ideas. The trouble is, this is annoying for your followers. They like consistency so make sure your changes are for the better. If you think you might sell merchandise one day, be sure to order a site and server that can take a shopping cart facility. Having to take down a site because you didn’t think ahead is not good. Happy browsing

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