Easy Steps To Create Your Own App

Easy Steps To Create Your Own App

Creating a Mobile App is essential for any business in the digital age. There are many benefits an app brings to a business.

You can engage with the consumer, but it’s also possible to make money from your app. With that being said, how do you go about making an app? Follow these easy steps

Planning Stage

Come up with an idea

The first step in creating an app, or anything for that matter, is coming up with an idea. You need to have an idea of what you want your app to do. Your app could just be a version of your website but in a mobile-friendly, app form. Or it could be something completely different. It could be a social networking tool for customers. It’s up to you to figure this out.


As well as coming up with an idea for the apps function, you’ll need an idea for the design. Figure out what you want your app to look like. What colours are you going to use? Where will the menu bar be? All the design aspects need to be decided on before advancing.


The next process in creating your app is app development. This is the stage where things get all technical and complex.


You’ll need to write the coding and software for your app. This process can be tricky as you need specific software codes for a mobile app. It also depends on what operating system you intend to bring it out on. If you’re making an app for Android, you’ll need specific coding, likewise for Apple iOS. Of course you can release it on both devices, you’ll just need to alter the software.


Once you’ve written the software, you need to test it. This can be a lengthy procedure as you’ll need to be thorough. Testing the software for any bugs is vital. You want the release of your app to go smoothly, which it won’t if the app is buggy.


This is the final step before your app gets released to the public. You need a strong marketing campaign to promote your app. By doing this, you aim to get as many people interested in the app as possible. Creating a buzz prior to release is key to an app's success. If you can spread the word and increase the hype, then you’ll see significant downloads on release day.


When your app is created and your marketing campaign in full flow, you need to think about distribution. You’ll need to get your app out there onto an app marketplace.

Apple’s App Store

To get your app on the app store, you’ll need to submit it to Apple. They will review your app and see if it works properly and there are no issues. If everything is fine and dandy, they will publish your app in the store

Google Play

Slightly different to Apple, to get your app in the Google Play store you need to register for a publisher account. You’ll have to pay a fee of $25, but once that’s paid, you’ll be able to develop and publish apps to the Google Play Store.


After you’ve followed all these steps, your app will be on the market ready for download! 

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