Advertising Techniques That Are Just As Effective As Modern Digital Marketing

Advertising Techniques That Are Just As Effective As Modern Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a massive part of advertising. In 2015, any business that doesn’t have a presence on the web is way behind their competitors. It is incredibly popular for one thing. Facebook and Twitter are just two of the options available to you, and they are both billion dollar companies

But, better that that, they are free. Still, it is important to remember that an advertising or marketing campaign is well-rounded. A good campaign uses every facet available to them, even in today’s modern age. To add more variety to your advertising, check out these techniques. They may not be the ‘in’ thing, but they are still just as effective as they used to be.

Long Copy

Internet webpages wouldn’t be caught dead using long copy in 2015. Today’s fashion is short, snappy copy that gets to the point and doesn’t bore the reader. It works, and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why; long copy can be daunting. But, it still has an effective part to play if you use it properly. Once you get the awareness of potential clients, you need to promote them into money and profits. Short copy isn’t a brilliant technique for this because it doesn’t explain the benefits and advantages of your company.

Try direct mail letters to a specified customer base or through online pages to add an extra element to your marketing regime. There is the ability to double your conversion rate when you switch to long copy.


Great advertising campaigns not only promote the product as something you cannot miss out on; they also allow you to trust the product. Trust is a huge part of advertising because clients and customers will not part with their money lightly. The best option available to instil trust is testimonials. Testimonials, or customer reviews, show other customers that the service you provide is a quality service that made previous customers happy. If they know that people are happy with what you provide, they are more likely to buy or invest.

Hard Copy

Everything doesn’t have to be digital; it can be in hard copy as well. Leaflets, signs, billboards and poster frame are all effective ways of advertising your brand and getting the word out there. In fact, the best advertising mixes the two forms together. For example, billboards have links to the website and their other social media pages for maximum exposure. Or, poster frames showcase your selected work of which you are most proud.

Catchy Slogans

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of catchy slogans. They have a kind of stigma attached to them that is negative, but they are far from negative. The radio and television slogans of yesteryear are just as effective today as they were ‘back in the day’. They are not all memorable, and some of them are corny. But, if you get it right your product will stick in the customer’s head. Just think of all the catchy jingles that television adverts use today.

One technique isn’t as good or as bad as the other; they are both effective in certain situations. To cover every base, combine them together for ultimate effect.

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