How Artificial Intelligence is bringing a revolution in web development industry

How Artificial Intelligence is bringing a revolution in web development industry

Out of eight people, seven of them are directly influenced by AI development evolution.

Want to know how? Majority of them prefer to directly search a product they want to buy from an app like Amazon, rather than googling it. Agree? I don’t think we anymore search “Buy speakers online,” rather we open our favorite app (Amazon, Flipkart and many more) to check out the specifications and order the one we were looking for.
The digital technology evolution has drastically transformed the way industries operate. The users shopping experience has changed, so the business owners have made an attempt to deliver them something better than before.

AI gaining momentum

Major e-commerce companies are successfully fetching the benefits out of the technology evolution and have even implemented recent technology innovations including- chatbots, voice search, NLP, and various other AI solutions in order to deliver an upgraded version of user experience. Can’t believe? Have a look at below stats that will surely convince you:

  • The global AI market is estimated to experience a growth rate from 9.5 billion US dollars in 2018 to 118.6 billion by 2025.
  • 84 percent people believe that AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive edge over their competitors.

It might be surprising for many readers that AI is already being utilized in many companies. In fact, there are a number of well-established enterprises who have made a big investment in AI- Intel Capital, NEA, Y Combinator, Battery Ventures, Accel, Sequoina Capital, Bloomberg Beta, and a lot more have already made investment in AI.

How Amazon & Netflix are using AI

It might be a new thing for you, but Amazon and Netflix are using AI features in their web apps since a long time now. Amazon makes use of collaborative filtering for product classification, and its recommendation framework works upon the combination of goods-based recommendation and buddy-based recommendation.
Netflix overhauled its recommendation algorithm that is solely based on visual impressions. They basically implicit and explicit user data(their shopping experience and activity) and further feed it to machine learning algos and fetch the relevant data that clearly describes a user’s shopping experience, their preferences, and a lot more. Moreover, it collects data simultaneously from various other subscribers to enhance performance.

Role of AI in web development industry

AI role in Development

The web development sector has taken a forward step from simple text-based web pages to alluring visual elements and eye-grabbing designs. Nowadays, websites not only convey your services, they even represent your brand name to the users and play a significant role in maintaining your web presence.
And as mobile users and Internet users are growing every moment, they will obviously look for your business online. So, you need to have an engaging, fast, responsive, and user-friendly website that can bring potential customers to your business. In fact, LinkedIn, global professional networking platform revamped their site so as to offer a better browsing experience to their users.
And when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, it has a long way to go for the web development sector.
As per Gartner report, 50 percent of companies will spend a huge amount on bots and chatbot creation rather than relying on traditional mobile app development strategies.
Integrating AI into the web development industry will offer a seamless user experience through its various features, including voice recognition, voice optimization, reply predictions, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and a lot more.
So, let’s discuss what all benefits does AI has for the web development sector.

Voice Search: Influenced by fast Internet browsing, users are eager to receive requested information instantly. Voice search, which has already grabbed everyone’s attention in recent time is surely going to rule the tech-world very soon. So, integrating voice-activated search functionality can be quite beneficial for the e-commerce industry.
Virtual shopping assistants can be a great thing for customers to make shopping a fast, convenient, and hassle-free experience. The virtual assistants will record and analyze the customer’s past shopping history and assist recommendations and respond to the customer accordingly. So, this trend is going to be a buzzword for web development industry owners very soon.
Automation: Artificial intelligence strategies directly save the developers time they spend on tiring and hectic tasks. From website development, design, testing, search engine results to content management, AI has automated each and every stage of the website development lifecycle. By automating these stages, developers can save ample time, resources, efforts, and utilize the same time in other productive and important tasks that need attention. Developers can even integrate website Chatbots into their existing web platforms via natural language strategies.
User Interaction: AI-powered Chatbots respond to and fix the customer query almost instantly. Not only this, it even offers them additional information they are looking for. Take an example of the healthcare industry, and people raise their query to the bot about some vaccines or anything, bots respond to them in no time.
Moreover, chatbot not only tackles the customer queries, but it is also even fed with data that can understand the customer’s unique query and give a solution-like a patient mentions certain symptoms about an ailment, so in this case, the bot will analyze the symptoms and give a quick and accurate answer to it. So, the healthcare industry can integrate their existing websites with Chatbots to offer a better user experience on time.
User Experience: As we discussed in the earlier section about Amazon and Netflix, you would have got a clear idea that how AI understands the customer’s behavior based on their past purchases and history. As AI analyzes the customer’s preferences, interest area, and other fields, it directly offers suggestions that resemble the user’s requirements; instead of showing up random stuff to the customers. So, AI-enabled websites will deliver a rich user experience by- displaying personalized ads, personalized product recommendations, and displaying tailored audio and video content.

Wrap Up

All in all, with the growing online users, it becomes a necessity for a website to integrate AI in order to stay within the race. It will not only enhance your customer's experience but even boosts up your web presence and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

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