Complete Guide: How To Optimize Mobile Commerce in 2019

Complete Guide: How To Optimize Mobile Commerce in 2019

Complete Guide: How To Optimize Mobile Commerce in 2019

Adobe bought Magento and Marketo, Amazon bought Ring for more than $1 billion, HCL bought IBM Websphere Commerce and many more huge acquisitions took place on the tech side of eCommerce.

What now lies ahead of the eCommerce is the mCommerce. eCommerce is now consistent in doing the job, what now needs to evolve is the mCommerce.

Is mCommerce different from eCommerce? Answer: It is partially correct.

mCommerce is the progressive form of eCommerce. They may look identical but have some major differences. The retail sales from mobile phones increased by 55% in 2018 and by 2022 it will account $175.4 billion USD.

Such huge numbers suggest that Magento eCommerce development company would not have to be confused more about developing mobile optimized stores. Consumers resonate better with the mCommerce shopping experience.

Demand for mCommerce is very high and big Giants are making a heap of million dollars by adopting it. There is a need to make the mCommerce experience an extra-affair so that people will not head away elsewhere.

So just making your eStore mobile optimized is not enough. There is more to the requirement. Let’s find out.

#Proximity Marketing is Rising:

Wouldn’t it be bliss, if you are in the proximity of a place you have been looking for so long and you get a notification saying “Hey, you’re nearby, Please drop by and shop”.

The facility of notifying the customer with the suggestion and discount offers is called Proximity marketing. Such practice encourages people to shop more.

Customers are concerned with privacy and may not share the location but as much as 88% of customers share location in return of something really valuable.

Customers leave their footprints behind after shopping. For increasing the sales, follow the footprints and offer valuable discounts, offer in-store coupon codes and exciting offers.

#Use the Power of Shoppable tags on Social Networks :

Ever wondered how Nike sold out limited edition Air Jordan III Tinkers in 23 minutes? It’s because of the power of social networks and an excellent business strategy.

It is true that social networks influence customers purchasing decision. As good as 74% consult social media before purchasing.

On social media platforms marketing is made much easy with Shoppable tags. So, no more just posting photographs and sitting back, waiting. Take the advantage of Shoppable tags and see what wonders it creates. It helps to drive traffic from your Instagram ad to directly into your official site.

One more good news in the bag, Google’s Ads’ feature: Showcase Shopping ads. This helps in advertising and attracting even more customers through their PPC campaigns.

Research shows that brands taking Showcase slot have 3.6x higher click-through rate and 20% more conversion than standard ads.

#Be Consistent in giving experience, Provide Omni-channel Experience:

It repeatedly happens that we browse for a product on the desktop and end up buying them through mobile. Almost 98% of Americans switch between the devices on the same day.

The stats suggest that you need to be present everywhere where your customers need you. The new fancy word means the shopping experience should be seamless across mobile, social media, Google ads etc. This helps in retaining 89% of customers on average.

Following things to consider while creating an omnichannel experience:

  • You can adopt consistent branding across all platforms;
  • Once a user creates a profile, it can be accessed from all platforms;
  • Personalize content based on the products they have browsed on another platform. For example, if a customer viewed a smartphone on a tablet, display similar products when they browse from mobile phones.

This surely would not look a spammy replica of the website, instead, it would make them happy that they don't have to enter the details separately.

#Personalize Sales with Augmented Reality:

It would be astounding if you are allowed to virtually try on products before purchasing. Augmented view helps in creating elements and making it believable though not real.

It is expected that AR technology will be able to generate $120 billion by the end of the year. 22% of buyers return the product because it looks different than the expected. So why to give them the chance to return the product? Let’s make them try on the product and then commit to the purchase.

# A Faster Page Loading Speeds:

Check the speed of the store using Google’s PageSpeed Insight tools. If it’s more than 3 seconds then you are out of the game. Almost 60% of Google’s searches come from the mobile device. So you need to make sure that you need to optimize the site for mobile-first.

You can optimize it for faster loading by compressing the image before uploading; prioritizing important content above the fold; excluding the number of redirects on the site and minifying the unnecessary code.

# Single-click Checkouts:

One page checkouts have improved mobile conversion by up to 10%. People avoid spending time on filling forms, reviewing order details and more. They prefer a checkout at a single click, otherwise, they potentially leave your site before completing the formalities.

You would be surprised to know that big giant like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce have already adopted the one-click checkout process.

It’s high time that if you are a Magento Store owner, ask your Magento eCommerce Development Company to help you implement single-click checkout.

That’s all people! These trends are really going to skyrocket the mCommerce experience. The ultimate mission should be to create an experience that improves people’s lives. The trends look promising for now.

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Harshal Shah
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