5 Tips for Successful Network Marketing Prospecting

5 Tips for Successful Network Marketing Prospecting

5 Tips for Successful Network Marketing Prospecting

Multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing is a fast-growing model that allows entrepreneurs and companies to expand at a staggering pace, attracting more people at every turn.

It’s a simple, but exceptionally effective system that lets you find and work with like-minded individuals interested in the product or service you’re offering.

However, there will come a time every now and then when you’ll find yourself at a loss for more people to impress, and this is when you need a fallback strategy ready to launch so that you can recover fast and continue finding suitable prospects. Even with unshakeable faith in the quality of your business, you can come across such a standstill, and you can implement the following tips to make sure you never run out of prospects on your road to growth.

Head to social media

Today, everything that matters happens online as well. That said, you’ve already noticed small and big brands alike doing their absolute best to dazzle and engage with their audience online, and network marketing is no different in that respect. Social networks operate on common interests, so if you share interests with certain people, you can easily find them by keywords and phrases that are relevant for your business. This is especially helpful for Twitter, where you can join conversations on the topics where you can offer a valuable opinion.

Then again, LinkedIn is filled with people looking for growth opportunities or, at the very least, a side-gig in an industry close to their heart. Connecting with them means you’ve opened a door not just to them, but their pool of connections as well. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be pushy, but use social networks as a way to join existing conversations, offer value, and only when you see genuine interest, offer to get in touch.

Set up your own booth

Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation with a potential prospect. In case your business has printed brochures, flyers, and other valuable marketing collateral at hand, you can always set up your own exhibition stands and share these printed materials with prospects that come by. Prepare a brief intro to get the conversation going, and of course, it’s best to seal the deal with a freebie or a discount, if possible.

Keep an eye on local events that are relevant for your industry, as well as prime times for each event to know when you can expect more people, if you need snacks, if you can set up longer presentations together with examples of your work, and the like. Do your best to inspire people to at least share their details with you, because not even the most brilliant presentations can do all the work – a follow-up is your golden opportunity for success.

Join relevant forums

Yes, in addition to social networks, there are different ways you can use the online world to search for prospects for your network marketing business. One of the most effective ways to get the traction you deserve and get more people interested is by sharing your knowledge and expertise, and forums are a fine place to do just that.

Platforms such as Quora, industry-specific websites, and customer-led conversations are your opportunity to offer your opinions and make the case for your business if the chance arises. This is a long-term strategy that will allow you to build trust and authority around yourself as well as your business, and to discern among truly interested parties and those who are merely curious. After all, you don’t want to waste time on people who aren’t truly prospects, but use it on those who can contribute to your growth.

Visit relevant events

In addition to taking part in local events where you can showcase what your business is all about, networking events, local as well as global, work in your favor as places to meet and greet people from all walks of life. You’ll encounter people with their own booths there, ready to chat, and perhaps there’s a partnership hiding in those stalls. Then again, people looking for jobs and projects are also interested in such events, especially when there are workshops and lectures involved.

Even a casual conversation can turn into a pitch if you are skilled enough to avoid being pushy, so as to establish the necessary trust for someone to express their interest. That way, you will turn the conversation upside down: the people you speak to will naturally show interest in what you do, and you’ll quickly be able to determine the best prospects among them.

Ask an influencer

Finally, the ever-growing network of influencers on social networks and beyond makes for a pool of prospects that can be a great choice for your network marketing program. As people who already have their follower base and a built reputation, connecting with them on a professional level can only help you establish your own reputation in their circles.

Of course, this is another long-term approach that can be very fruitful, as long as you nurture and treat it like a two-way street. Make sure that you have a very specific strategy of approach for influencers, so that you minimize the risk of losing their interest.


Finally, think and act outside of any box whatsoever. The world is filled with opportunities, and people you’re waiting in line with as well as passers-by at a store might be your next most viable prospects, as long as you refine your listening and presenting skills. Use these tips to perfect your approach, and you’ll be able to grow you base extensively.


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