Android Pie: Latest Update You Need To Know About

Android Pie: Latest Update You Need To Know About

Did you receive the recent Android update on your phone yet?

If not, you will receive it soon.

This latest version harnesses the power of Artificial intelligence and takes care of your digital wellbeing.

Google latest release is the ninth version of the Android operating system and is jam-packed with all new features. It seems like this version is tailored just for you and adapts to you and how you use your phones.

Your device experience gets better and better with the things running smoother and faster. The brand-new navigation system, new UI elements, and other amazing tweaks make this version the best update till date.

Don’t worry! We know that you are getting anxious and here are the reasons why you should be:

Navigating just got easier:

Switching between the apps became more intuitive. The feature is further modified with the use of gestures instead of buttons. The three-button navigation has been left much behind making the navigation experience faster and smoother.

Better and Brightness adaptation:

To your surprise, in this feature, the battery learns how you like to use your phones. The apps use a minimum battery and don't drain off fast. Also, the brightness changes automatically without you setting it. Now you will not need to reach out to an Android app development company with regards to the battery issue much frequently.

Recent Apps:

The app predicts your next action and guides you to the next task quickly. Recent app features become more functional and apps now show full windows of the running apps. The text can be now copied and pasted from one to another.

The app feature is designed to adapt to your morning commute, and other actions be it at work or home.

AI suggestions:

Google has taken a step forward by pushing AI in this new version. The suggestion with respect to your activity will keep popping up. If you make a call frequently to a person, the device would show that caller ID on the top of the list.

If you start the Bluetooth, it will ask which device you want to get connected with. These all add up making the OS more intelligent and salient.

Google says that this will result in a 30 percent reduction in CPU-wakeups and hence shall improve on battery life. A hired Android app developer will in the same way boost up the process whenever required.

Digital Wellbeing:

Are you worried about spending much time on your phone? Don't worry. This android version allows you to make adjustments regarding your phone usage.

This nifty feature helps you set time limits for apps, shows you how much time you spend and that too for respective apps. The app icons gray out as soon as you reach the set time limit.

Let’s see how this feature is taken positively and how many of us successfully curb our addiction to the screen.

Screen Shots improvements:

Are you one of them who like to take frequent screenshots, crop them and annotate them. This all-new version has made this task a lot more easy and less tedious. It allows to instantly crop and edit the screenshots.

Do not Disturb and Wind Down:

Android pie takes care of your sleep and silences the notifications. You can set the preferences for call receiving in do not disturb mode. You can set your schedule to set your phone ready for the bed. Activation and deactivation of the feature is also an easy task.

Privacy and Security:

Android pie enables encryption of Android backups with the device pin or pattern for enhanced security. Further if any issues persist, you can reach out to the Android App development company near by.

Media Improvement:

You can connect to up to 5 Bluetooth devices and switch between them flawlessly. You will not miss on any of the incoming calls as the incoming call notification will be sent to the Bluetooth devices connected. With Sound delay reporting feature, your video and audio will remain in sync.

157 new emoji:

Your conversation has been made as colorful as possible with these 157 emojis. Improvements are made in the existing emojis like bacon, salad, turtle and cricket emojis.

In addition to the major changes, tons of smaller and relevant changes are in the bucket of Android pie:

  • Zoom pop up while highlighting the text;
  • Volume change defaults to media volume;
  • Volume controller appears on the right of your screen instead of top;
  • HEIF photos are supported to improve picture compression and reduce the amount of storage;
  • Immersive experience using streams for two or more physical cameras;
  • This version frees up more space on the devices than other
  • Fingerprint sensors and face unlock systems have been given more privacy.

It can be said Google has taken out a leaf from Apple’s book by incorporating and enhancing the features and the updates.

The update is already out on pixel and other essential smartphones like Sony, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus.

This version gives us a feeling of what personal computing looks like. We can say this is an update that you will want. Android pie changes the day to day use of phone drastically and brings fresh visual changes.

Posted by Harshal Shah

Harshal Shah
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