How Personalized Customer Experience Can Skyrocket Your Online Store

How Personalized Customer Experience Can Skyrocket Your Online Store

When launching an online store, you need to keep in mind that you’re not the only one out there. T

There are thousands of your competitors, marketing similar products to the same audiences. And, to get yourself noticed, you need to bring value to your customers. One of the most powerful ways to do so is to provide them with a seamless and highly personalized buying experience.

Studies show that 81% of online consumers want brands to understand them better. They’re not satisfied with generic offers and content anymore. They want to appreciate them as individuals and give them something they’re truly interested in.  

Here is how your online store can benefit from personalized customer experiences.

Boosting Customer Engagement and Conversions

Your site is responsive, fast, and visually appealing. Still, people don’t seem interested in what you have to offer and leave your site without taking the desired action. Why does this happen? Well, there are two major causes of your high bounce rates. First, you’ve targeted the wrong audience. Second, your website isn’t engaging enough.

Personalization gives you the opportunity to tailor your content and offers to your customers’ needs and bring value to your interaction. Here are a few strategies you may find useful:

Target the offers based on their browsing history and offer related products.


Remind them of the products they viewed previously with “Recently Viewed Products”.


Offer the blog posts related to the content they’ve already read on your site.  


Add attention grabbers and create catchy calls to action that emphasize the value of your offers to guide your visitors down the sales funnel.


Enable triggered messages according to how long a visitor has been on a page or whether they’ve taken a certain action.


Use interactive content like quizzes to generate leads. For example, your visitors can take a quiz to find out what their perfect product is. To get them to buy the product right after answering the questions, you could embed the “buy now” CTA.


Test your impact. You could leverage rapid experimentation to assess various layouts, promotions, offers, and multiple versions of a certain feature to see what works for your target audience.   

Skyrocketing Customer Acquisition and Conversion Rates

Let’s say someone has visited your site for the first time and browsed through your product offers. Your goal is to connect with them and entice them to visit you again. For starters, give them something they cannot refuse, such as free eBook, massive discounts, or the access to your exclusive piece of content. All they need to do is give you in return is their email address. And, this is where your interaction begins. Once you put them on your email list, you can send them valuable offers based on their browsing history. Here are a few steps you need to take:

Create a strong subject line that sets you apart in the sea of spammy messages.


Make your email copy highly relevant to the recipient and ensure your offers bring value to them. Don’t forget to include a dynamic CTA to evoke the sense of emergency and get them to visit your site.


Make sure your landing page contains everything mentioned in your email (the same goes for PPC and social network). In should be highly responsive in order to inspire a visitor to complete the purchase.


Send a follow-up email to thank them for converting. This is a great opportunity to present them with similar content and give recommendations for future actions.

Retaining Customers

Generating leads and inspiring your visitors to convert is important, but retaining your customers and increasing their loyalty to it is far more significant. When investing in your customer retention strategies, keep in mind that they are based on your relationships with your customers and their familiarity with your products.

And, this is where personalization shines. It gives you the opportunity to inspire repeat orders and receive a plentitude of positive reviews online. You can do this by implementing reward systems for loyal customers. Send them personalized promotional products that represent your brand and that are useful to customers. Tactics that involve gifts are genuinely good for your image as people perceive them positively. Most importantly, it lets you build strong relationships with your customers, based on mutual trust and loyalty.

Personalization is all about Making Customers Happy

Maybe there were times where generic marketing could drive outstanding results. However, in today’s highly competitive digital landscape, this approach doesn’t make any sense. You need to find the most effective way to put yourself on your customers’ radars, grab their attention, and inspire them to choose you over your competitors.

And, this is only possible if you get the right information, to the right audiences, at the right time, via their preferred channels. This is what personalized customer experiences are all about. It will take your customer relationships to the whole new level, making them feel appreciated and understood. And, as you already know, making your customers happy means boosting your sales, expanding your online exposure, and getting positive word of mouth.

This may be the solid basis for building an authoritative brand everyone loves, if you ask me.


Have you personalized your customers’ experiences? We would like to learn more about the strategies you used!


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