Afraid Of SEO? Check Out These 4 Reasons

Afraid Of SEO? Check Out These 4 Reasons

In this digital era, we are familiar with the term SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization.

The purpose of SEO is to optimize a webpage to make it rank (organically) higher in Google, Bing or other search engine’s search result.

Is SEO important?

If your prospective customers are looking for your product on Google, Yahoo - then it’s time to adopt the right SEO strategy for your business. In short-Yes, it is important!

Duane Forrester, the Senior Product Manager of Bing thinks, SEO is becoming a normal marketing tactic- much like the way how radio & television are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics so far!

As a business owner, when you start to think about launching your product globally, you need:

  • A structured website and it should be SEO optimized (to rank high on search engine results!)
  • Responsive webpage (considers desktop & mobile users)
  • A user-friendly interface

Sounds simple and easy, right?

Fact: It’s not easy to be done as said and here lies the problem.

Let me explain you the concept with a simple example.

Suppose you have a website. You want it to rank higher on the search engines. Now, you are all set with a pre-made template, spent money & time behind all these SEO agency for your website and waiting for the expected result.

A good planning so far BUT, you didn’t notice much improvement after putting so much of efforts and that’s when you become skeptical about SEO!

There are other aspects too why SMB (Small & Medium Business) owners and newcomers in business are not that much comfortable with SEO. Let’s have a look at those reasons:

  • Expect Online Success- Not So Fast
  • A Bit Time Consuming
  • Too Much Technical Things To Handle
  • Only Traffic - But No Sales
  • Expect Online Success- Not So Fast

SEO works, but you can’t expect success overnight and this is true for all situations in our life. SEO is important to increase your visibility on the digital platform but do keep some patience.

Once you apply a logic and invest your money in SEO, it will take some time to reflect its potential. Don’t be frustrated or disappointed if things don’t work out!

It is true that you will not get an immediate result but if you follow a proper SEO strategy for your business without being reluctant, then you will definitely enjoy its magic on the web!

A Bit Time Consuming

Thinking of an online marketing strategy and then implementing it in your business- the whole process is really time-consuming which can really irritate you. Along with a lot of factors, there are a lot of options when it comes to optimizing your website.

Sometimes business owners are in too much of hurry to accept the truth that the SEO process has many parts & procedures to follow. When they don’t see the result in a short time, they lose trust in SEO. They become frustrated. They think they just wasted their valuable time & money.

If you are a business person or not that much confident to tackle the SEO process, then get help from a reputed & trustworthy Digital Marketing Service Provider. In this way, you can focus on your business without scratching your head over the SEO process while the SEO company will handle the rest of the part.

Too Much of Technical Things To Handle

Technical SEO means optimizing your webpage for indexing and the crawling phase so that any search engine can access, index & interpret your website without any hassle.

In the current scenario, technical SEO is an important step in the whole SEO process or you can say it is the backbone of a website. If there are problems with your technical SEO, such as slow loading, no security certificate, broken pages, broken links, duplicate contents - then it is likely that your planned SEO efforts will not generate the expected results.

When you read the above 2 sections, you might have already started to think, “Technical! It is not my cup of tea!”

Do you know the interesting part here??

You just need a few hours to learn the basic SEO and for that, you don’t need to be a computer geek! Learn it and focus on the basics, when you are taking baby steps in business.

There are actually many technical terms related to technical SEO but you don’t need to worry about that. Rather, you can focus on the fundamentals. If you are still not confident, get in touch with a good SEO agency.

A reliable and expert agency will take care of the broken links, crawl errors, website speed, webpage responsiveness, and other SEO strategies important to show up your website on search result pages.

Only Traffic - But No Sales

SEO influence 2019.

Can you tell me the purpose of SEO?

A simple answer will be - ‘To Get the Traffic’.

And, if that is the case, I will modify this answer and it will be like - ‘ To get relevant & targeted traffic to generate sales & leads.’

Website Traffic x Conversion Rate = Generated Leads/ Sales

Sounds better now, isn’t it?

Everybody wants to be on top of the SERP. Ranking #1 on a search engine, especially on Google can take your small business to a new height and there is no doubt in that.

You spend money to rank #1 on Google, Yahoo but will you agree if I say- It becomes worthless if the website content and design is not proper to convert the incoming traffic into potential leads and sales!

According to Jeff Eisenberg (CEO at Buyer Legends), “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

Assume you are planning for a marketing campaign online. You researched and listed down all the relevant keywords. Now, you are really excited about the next outcome.

Here I have one small question- “Are you confident that you have chosen the right SEO strategy?”

Use tools to find relevant keywords based on the level of competition, volume and the ones that searchers are using to land on your website. Analyze, find keyword patterns, understand your target audience and get ready to convert normal traffic into leads & sales.


SEO is a bit complex but don’t stay away or hesitate to enjoy its benefits. If you are confident enough, get started on your own or hire a Digital Marketing agency to get the work done for your website.

It is natural to be afraid when you are new to SEO but once you dig deep into it & get comfortable, you will be able to implement your own strategy with full confidence. And yes, avoid getting in trouble with Google by following the ethical SEO practices!

Posted by Kevin Haynes

Kevin Haynes
Kevin Haynes is a leading content writer at Webmaxed Solution with over a decade of experience in content marketing. Whenever time permits, he loves to merge his two passions – writing and branding an, by sharing his expertise and experience with the world through his blogs.

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