A Developer's Guide To In-App Advertising (SDKs) - IG Intro

A Developer's Guide To In-App Advertising (SDKs) - IG Intro

A Developer's Guide To In-App Advertising (SDKs) - IG Intro

In the never ending struggle to ensure their apps earn as much ad revenue as possible, mobile developers have a number of choices to make.

When it comes to app monetization, some choose to release their app for an upfront fee while others offer a free app with in-app advertising. When it comes to the latter, your options are affected by which in-app advertising SDK you choose to implement into your app.
How much ad revenue you earn from your mobile app is entirely dependant on your user base and how they react to the types of ads you implement. Certain types of ads are non-obtrusive to the user experience while others can cause abandonment of the app itself. Mobile advertising accounts for $143 billion in ad spending. To make sure your app gets a cut, here’s a guide on what types of ads you can expect to implement into your mobile app.

Why Should You Use In-App Advertising?

Mobile phones represent a unique audience platform from advertisers. They’re the place where users are spending the majority of their leisure time sporadically everyday, so there’s a greater chance to catch them on their mobile device than anywhere else. It’s estimated that by 2019 72% of all digital ad budgets will be spent on mobile campaigns.
This presents a great opportunity for mobile app developers to carve out a niche for themselves. In-app advertising allows developers to showcase content and ads in their apps to a user base that is ready to view them. By implementing them the right way, they can earn revenue that they would have missed out on completely.

Types of In-App Ads

Interstitial Ads

These ads are typically placed at the bottom or top of the app screen and can be clicked if the user finds them interesting. Sometimes they are images, text or even video, and can be obstructive or out of the way depending on the developer’s choice.

Push Notifications

When you get a text message or missed call on your phone, it’s usually accompanied by a push notification to ensure you don’t miss it. This is a powerful tool for advertisers because mobile users are encouraged to pay attention to push notifications. While this can be annoying to many users, when done correctly and made beneficial it can be incredibly powerful.

Native Ads

Native ads can be the least obstructive ad type, in that they are built into the app at a level the others are not. They blend in with the design and look natural to users to the point it seems completely expected to see them there. This can be a powerful way to build trust with your user base, effectively earning more ad revenue over the long-term.

There are many choices that mobile developers must make when making decisions that decide the future of their apps. For more information on the benefits and opportunities afforded through in-app advertising please refer to the attached infographic.

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