Web Deployment Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

Web Deployment Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

Web Deployment Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

Web developing is only the beginning of launching a new website. Developing a site that offers the features you want and have the look that you desire is a good start.

The next step is deploying that site so that the audience can access it. This is often trickier than you think.
There are several things to prepare before you can deploy the new site. To help you get them prepared correctly and quickly, here are the items you want to check before going live with your new website.

Reliable Hosting and Domain

A good hosting service and a domain name that represents the site are basic needs, and you want to get these prepared fast. Securing a domain name is actually something you want to do as quickly as possible. Once a domain name is taken, gaining ownership of that domain name would be incredibly difficult (and expensive).
Hosting is easier to buy, but that doesn’t mean you should take it lightly. You want the best and most reliable web hosting service for your new website. This is important to avoid downtime and an inaccessible site; when visitors cannot access your site for whatever reason, getting them to return is also much more difficult to do.

Code Checks

Doing a thorough check of the code is the next step to take. Even when you have a team of experienced developers working on the site, going through every part of it to check for errors is still a necessary thing to do. You may find coding mistakes that require a fresh pair of eyes to spot, or you may find nothing at all. Regardless of the outcome, the process is worth completing.
You don’t have to be a web programming expert to be able to do a code check. You can simply rely on your browser’s developer tools and other resources. You can also read more about how you can perform these checks from sites like Programering.
A clean code with no errors will not just affect the performance of the site. It also influences overall SEO prowess. Google and other search engines are more sensitive to errors and bugs. The last thing you want is for your new site to be ranked down due to uncaught errors that could have been cleaned before going live.

UX Testing

Now that the site is up on its live server, the next step is promoting the website, isn’t it? Well, hold that for a second because there is one more check you want to do before you begin promoting the site: a UX test.
Ask friends and colleagues – those who aren’t involved in the development of the site – to try the new site. Can they navigate the site easily? Can they get to the information they need without hassle? You’ll be surprised by how much input you can get in return, even when the test is relatively limited.
Use the results of the test to help you fine-tune the site even further. Once you are certain that you have a working site ready for viewers, you can start your promotional campaign and begin inviting visitors to the site.

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