7 Mistakes to Avoid when Pursuing Software Development

7 Mistakes to Avoid when Pursuing Software Development

The more we think of technological advancement, the better it is emerging every second.

The growing pace of digitization is uplifting almost every business and enterprise. No one can deny the benefits, opportunities, possibilities digitization is pouring in. The lifestyle, the trends, the connectivity all have tremendously improved over a period of time. What we were a decade ago, we are no longer the same. Software applications are improving our lives and we are equally thrilled by welcoming them into our lives.
Software development companies manage to bring in new apps as and when needed by the users. It’s the business that understands the user’s requirement and direct development companies to create apps that fulfill the user's needs. Also, its advent that software application development is a task in itself. It’s not something easy to finish and require talented, expert developers, testers, project managers, planners to work on the entire project. This is quite a challenging task as various issues creep up unwantedly and hamper the development process.
These challenges, mistakes could easily be avoided by keeping a few factors into consideration while developing software applications. In the blog today, we are going to share 7 mistakes that software development companies need to avoid while pursuing the software development process.


Planning of development is the first step of the software development process. Now imagine if the app is developed without proper planning and recognizing need, then what would be the outcome of the project? It would not turn out exactly what was planned and would not meet users’ criteria at all. Software development company and business need to do proper planning and answer various questions before getting into the development like:

  • What is the need of users
  • Is there any other related product in the market?
  • Scope of the project and more


Coming up next is communication. Most software development company does the mistake of not communicating with the stakeholders a d developing the entire project basis the first discussion both the parties had. This should be avoided as clients request changes during the development and they may request the addition of features, changes of details in the project every then and now. It's better to share the updates of the project with the business/client and communicate what's going on and how it could be completed on time. This manages the pace of discussion and fewer changes throughout the development process.


Another mistake that most software development company does is ignoring the calls of quality assurance. Software development is a critical task and contains a series of processes and steps to get completed. Each stage is important and needs to be ensured that it is thoroughly checked before forwarding it to the next step. Also, before the launch of the project, the application must go through a quality assurance check so that users avail the best in class software application throughout the usage process.


Most of the software and mobile applications are developed based on users taste, choice and need. Now consider developing the app without thinking about the design, color, choice, ease of usage and other critical elements that pump up the app usage. The maximum that could happen is that users would use the app once and then discard it forever. Software development companies need to take special measures to build apps based on great UI/UX. Without these features, an app is a waste of existence as users won't be interested in using it more than once.

Outsourcing without Project Managers

Most businesses take advantage of outsourcing their software application projects. This helps them in various ways like it is a cost-effective option, they get to avail best talented and expert developers, all development challenges are being catered by them and more. However, it still demands someone from the business to continuously be the point of contact person so that there is constant communication and follow up between them both. When businesses fail to adhere to this issue, both parties face challenges during the development of the software application. It's advisable to have a dedicated project manager assigned to the project even in the case of outsourcing the development project.

Going for customization

Most businesses are eager to make quick money by simply customizing the existing software application and not developing the app from scratch. This is one of the biggest blunders that they make. They often forget that the fast-paced technological advancement, trends, and technologies cannot be accommodated in the old and traditional set up of applications. Anything that is the latest needs a current platform, talented developers, technologies like IoT, Cloud, AI to build a wholesome software application. Even after the customization, the final product fails to comply with current trends due to its rigidity. Hence, it’s better to develop the app from scratch.

Marketing & Promotions

Now that the app is developed and ready for launch, the business would accept a larger audience rushing to use the app. However, there may be a chance that users might not be aware of any such app coming in the market. This is because of the poor to no marketing campaigns and promotional affairs being done. Many businesses often think that their app alone is the answer to all challenges and users would happily use it. However, marketing plays a key role in placing the app and promoting it to the right audience at the right time. Thus, it's better to avoid jibes and focus on promoting the app through the right channels.


To sum up the entire blog, many aspects touch the software development lifecycle. Miss and ignorance of any one factor could lead to app failure and thus business stagnation. It's best to act smart and be proactive while pursuing software application development. Both business and software development companies can manage the challenges and avoid mistakes by learning from others and through insights from the market easily.

Posted by Siya Carla

Siya Carla
Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom a software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.

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