7 Amazing Examples of Digital Showrooms

7 Amazing Examples of Digital Showrooms

Technology has impacted every sector including the retail world, with many inventions and digitalization becoming commonplace.

Digital showrooms are part of these advancements in technology. They are a great innovation that makes it possible for brands to bypass geographic restrictions and to provide a better experience for their customers and prospective buyers. What then is a digital showroom? Simply put, a digital showroom is a brand’s online flagship showroom. Rather than using a physical store, the software creates a link between the digital and physical worlds. 

Digital showrooms offer a lot of benefits both to brands and their customers, including accessibility and money-saving. Digital showrooms are now being used in a range of industries such as the fashion industry, automobile, design, etc. In this article, we’ll look at seven amazing examples of digital showrooms. 

1. BMW Digital Showroom

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BMW launched its digital car showroom for a number of reasons, one of which is safety. In order to follow the necessary health precautions of the times, BMW introduced the BMW Digital Showroom to give buyers a tour of their collection without them needing to visit physical dealerships. This is part of their aim to improve community engagement and increase their digital footprint. A lot of enterprises are now migrating to the digital marketplace and BMW is doing the same too. 

The digital showroom features the new interactions and functionalities which the internet accommodates. Customers can visit their specialized websites to get a tour of their showroom online. The showroom also serves as a connection point for visitors and dealers. After checking out their preferred model on the website, a visitor can arrange a private viewing of the car with the dealer or go for a home-based test drive. Visitors can connect to the dealer closest to them at the digital showroom. Once the visitor has selected the unit they are interested in, a sales representative will contact the customer within 72 hours to make further arrangements. 

Customers can also get up-to-date information about the brand, brochures, vehicle models, vehicle specifications, and pricing via the digital showroom. BMW has also promised to add more features to their digital showroom to improve customer experience. 

2. Audi Digital Showroom

The Audi Digital showroom was launched as part of a comprehensive program to improve the look and feel of their showrooms. It was also created to provide a wide range of Audi products and services to their dealers around the world, thus making their products more accessible to potential buyers. This digital showroom enables the brand to get the latest information about Audi products across to more people in a controlled environment. 

Digital Showrooms defies problems caused by time or space

Audi’s digital showroom solved the problems caused by differences in the location, size, geography, currency, language, and time-zone of the global retail stores. To reflect these differences, there was a need for customization across their dealerships. This is where the digital showroom comes in. The digital showroom easily provides the required information that Audi customers need in a high-quality format. 

The audio and video materials are easily customizable and each dealership can accommodate the differences previously mentioned. The digital system also allows customers to select their preferred color, style, and capacity of the vehicle while viewing it in real-time. Over 600 dealerships around the world use the Audi digital showroom to help engage customers easily.

3. Joor Online Showroom

Joor Online Showroom connects retailers with thousands of brands

Joor is the world’s largest wholesale and data exchange platform for fashion, beauty, and home retailers. The online showroom connects over 200,000 retailers with over 8,600 brands across 144 countries. The entire buying process is online to make it easier for retailers and brands. Joor has an exclusive partnership with ORB360 and uses their patented technology on their online showroom to provide immersive interactive features which include 360-degree imagery, spin, and zoom on various products. 

The digital showroom allows for close product interaction through features like dynamic videos and 3D images. The dynamic videos include runway shows, clear and stylistic designer interviews, and product reviews. Retailers and brands can also hold virtual appointments on the digital wholesale platform with ease. There is an edit and style board feature that allows users to personalize and display different styles during virtual market appointments. 

The virtual appointment can be a personalized virtual showroom that would be sent directly to buyers through a virtual market walkthrough. Users can also create and share curated collections containing highlighted styles with audio and video material together with interactive images. This online showroom makes order processing and buyer response faster and better.

4. ORDRE Online Showroom

Ordre Online Showroom relieves the need for retailers to be physically present to shop 

Ordre’s online showroom was created to solve the problem of retail buyers having to travel to attend physical showrooms and to solve other logistical challenges. The online showroom thus serves as a channel to help manage luxury wholesale showrooms online. The showroom features collections from luxury designers such as P.E Nation, Aje, Camilla, and KitX.  

Buyers can view a variety of collections together with a combination of high-quality images and videos. The online showroom accommodates over 7,000 buyers, multi-label boutiques, and online retailers in more than 93 countries. Buyers can view designer collections in a 360-degree view while checking out intricate details and patterns. The patented image-capturing technology ensures designer collections from various brands can be digitized within hours. 

At fashion shows and presentations, ORDRE also provides virtual reality headsets and life-size touchscreens to share different collections with buying teams.

5. NuORDER Virtual Showroom

NuOrder Virtual Showroom transforms the physical fashion showroom into digital

NuORDER is another digital fashion showroom. Though retail fashion showrooms are still relevant, the location of these showrooms is changing. The NuORDER virtual showroom is a tool that was used to adapt the most important aspect of a physical fashion showroom into a digital format. For retailers, there is the opportunity to build a personal interactive showroom with images and videos that show how the products look in real life. 

Buyers can view this interactive showroom and click a link that will take them straight to buying the products. Buyers also get 360-degree product imagery with zoomed-in and personal views of products. NuORDER also gives retailers and brands access to their global photography network to foster immersive product imagery. The virtual showroom also features a drag and drop feature which helps to display the latest collections with a seamless user experience. The dynamic video feature allows retailers to time-stamp products and link them through in-video hotspots.

6. Hyperoom

Digital Showrooms support remote buying sessions without any hassle

Hyperoom is a 360-degree digital sales platform launched by Diesel, an Italian clothing brand. It was created to improve immersive engagements with fashion buyers and vendors online. This showroom was first conceived by the parent company, OTB, to help contribute to the digitalization of the fashion industry. All OTB brands are featured in the digital showroom, each with its own style and personality. 

The virtual space is modeled after the brand’s physical showroom in Milan. Buyers can then engage in remote buying sessions rather than the usual showroom appointment. Clothing and accessories can be viewed in 360-degree displays together with detailed 2D closeups. There is a dedicated virtual space for Denim, containing each style’s video fits with high-resolution images to replicate a physical touch and feel of the product.

7. BrandLab  

BrandLab gives users the full physical showroom experience including a catwalk video for each product

BrandLab Fashion’s online showroom gives retailers and buyers access to 360-degree virtual showrooms and integrated order processing. The digital showroom uses a hybrid media technology together with an innovative virtual reality feature to create the best experience for people who can’t visit a physical showroom. 

Buyers can browse through a life-like collection and view a catwalk video for each product. The immersive technology allows buyers to see every detail of a garment. BrandLab can recreate physical showrooms from various brands in a digital format and provide real-time communication to brands and ordering facilities on their online showroom. Brands can also create their virtual showroom with the provided template backgrounds.

Benefits of Digital Showrooms for Businesses

Digital showrooms are a means for brands to improve customer experience through technology. They offer businesses a full range of benefits, some of which include:

  1. Accessibility: With digital showrooms, brands can present their products or services as a personalized experience to their customers 24/7. The customer does not need to visit a physical store and can access the digital showroom from the comfort of their home.

  2. Cost-effectiveness: The travel cost is eliminated for buyers and brands do not need to spend much on maintaining multiple physical showrooms.

  3. Creativity: Brands are also able to present their products in a creative way through digital showrooms.

  4. Time-Saving: Brands can present their products in full view to prospective buyers, and the buyer can get what they want instantly, thereby reducing the time between marketing and sales for brands. 


With thousands of retailers closing their physical stores and showrooms, digital showrooms seem to be the best way out. They are a way for brands to improve their customer experience while also incorporating new tech into their marketing. The marketing and purchase process has been made easy for brands and their customers respectively. No doubt, digital showrooms benefit both brands and buyers extensively.


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