Ultimate Guide to Use UX Design and Optimize the Checkout Page

Ultimate Guide to Use UX Design and Optimize the Checkout Page

Are you looking for an ideal strategy to optimize checkout pages? Here’s everything you need to know to ensure favorable user experience. Click here to read more.

​2019 Guide to Utilize UX Designs for Checkout Page Optimization

Optimization of the checkout page in any e-commerce website is perhaps one of the most critical aspects when it comes to ensuring a seamless user experience and higher rate of conversion. In order to make a purchase, buyers have to go through a checkout process, which is considered as the final step for order confirmation and payment. It goes without saying that it is a crucial part to ensure ultimate user experience.

Depending on how fast and seamless a checkout process is, a digital marketer can gauge a website’s performance, count the number of sales made and predict the conversions that will follow. This is exactly where the significance of an ideal UX design comes in. If we are to look at the most seamless e-commerce checkouts on the web, biggies like Amazon, Domino’s and Lowe’s certainly deserve a special mention.

You can always visit these websites, and experience the seamless checkout processes by yourself. This guide explains how UX designs can be roped in to optimize checkout pages as per the latest industry trends which will allow you to follow the footsteps of most of the leading firms and ensure the best user experience for your buyers.

Here you go!

1. Simplify the process of completing an order

According to the Baymard Institute 28% of users abandon checkout process due to long and complicated procedures, and 37% of them leave the process midway as the site asks them to create an account. Now that the stats make it all the more prominent why a simpler and smarter order completion process is the key to better conversions, it’s time you should take note of the following methods of conversion for a maximized ROI in the long term.

  • One-page checkout: A one-page checkout makes it much simpler for your users to complete an order. It eliminates all additional steps that they might otherwise need to take before completing an order.br/>
    Apart from that, it will save the time of the potential customers, as they can experience a one-click solution, without waiting for each page to load for every individual steps during the time of checkout.
  • Simpler redirects: The option to click on the “Add to cart” and “View cart” options separately might involve additional time. This can be minimized by leveraging simpler redirects. One click can actually help users to get to the checkout page directly.
    For example, you may work on “quick buy” options and include the same in the checkout page. That way, all potential buyers can enjoy a simpler checkout process and a smarter UX.
  • Simplify payments: An overly complicated payment process affect bring an impact on the rate of conversions, as customers might abandon checkouts due to intricacies associated with this procedure.

    Thus, the idea is to simplify the checkout process and introduce “one-click payment” procedures. This can allow buyers to place an order and complete the payment procedure with a single click.

2. Introduce multiple payment methods

Statistics from Baymard Institute also revealed that 8% users abandoned checkout process due to insufficient payment methods. Even though the rate might not appear to be alarming, it won’t take time for that mere 8% to reach 80, if the marketers refrain from taking the right step.

The idea is to offer sufficient payment methods and gateways so that the prospective buyers can complete a purchase successfully.

To cite a real-life example, coordinator David Parker from Assignmenthelp.us says … “Lack of enough payment options proved to be a major setback for us. We were losing clients at an alarming rate. Thanks to our accounts guy Jim for advising on maximizing the payment methods. The retention rate is much higher now.”

Now that you know about the importance of this particular aspect, you may choose to conduct surveys, collect all relevant details regarding the preferred gateways of payments for your customers and include the same for higher conversions.

3. Leverage mobile-friendly designs

According to eMarketer Retail, “Mcommerce accounts for 58.9% of digital sales”. This means unless you’re considering mobile-friendly checkout pages and implementing the right strategy to enhance the mobile user experience, you will lose a major chunk of digital sales. Thus, to keep up with the pace and attract a decent count of mobile consumers to complete the purchase, you have to consider ways to optimize mobile checkout usability.

Reducing the number of mobile checkout steps, including guest checkout options for the mobile users, introducing mobile payment options and leveraging auto-fill functionalities are essential ways to opt for optimization methods to ensure the perfect mobile checkout for your site.

4. Display trust badges and security icons

According to Globalsign.com, 85% of online buyers avoid unsecured websites. So, you might like to enhance the security aspect to make it more visible for the target audience. Displaying trust badges and security icons can work well in this regard.

One can choose to include reputed security logos and trusted icons on the website to increase conversion rates. McAfee Secured, PayPal verified, VeriSign, SSLValue, etc. are examples to learn from. If your website’s content, your products or services comply with the security standards of various trust badges, you should consider displaying the same on your website.

Anton Walker, Managing Director of My Essay Help says … “including the PayPal security badge in our website not only helped us ensure a better and more secure platform for the users to step in, but it also increased the rate of conversion. We are now looking forward to reshape our security standards and comply with McAfee Secured for further advancements.” Now that the advantages of displaying prominent security badges are evident, consider roping in a couple of them for your website. Creating a clientele of consumers willing to rely on the potential and security standards of your site is undeniably the key to ensure higher ROIs.

Parting Words

According to a recent report, worldwide ecommerce sale is predicted to increase from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. This certainly makes for one giant leap and tells us how significantly the world of ecommerce is going to evolve.

Prof. Steven Dawson from Allessaywriter.com says … “Going digital has been a blessing for us. We could hardly ensure a decent client footfall prior to going online with our academic resources and tools. Now that we have had our company counted among the existing e-learning portals, revenue generation seems easier, and the future of the trade appears to be much promising.” Such stats provide us with further validation regarding how e-commerce is reshaping businesses worldwide. Ensuring a seamless and quicker checkout process is certainly an aspect one can’t afford to ignore when it comes to optimizing a website. Pay heed to the suggestions given in the post and take your business to new heights of success. All the best to you!

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