Nine Excellent Tips to Improve Communication in Your Customer Service

Nine Excellent Tips to Improve Communication in Your Customer Service

Customer service is one of the best ways to engage with your customers. You can hear opinions on your company, complaints that can help you fix elements of your business.

Options for improving your customer service are endless – but the essentials of what you have to do will always stay the same. You should build trust, be kind, show that you care and offer useful information.

Here are some other tips on what you could do to make your customer service a lot better.

1. Real-time communication is better.

Allow your clients to communicate with you in real time. Let them call you, video chat with you or anything else that could give them instant response and information that they need. This will decrease the number of unhappy customers and it will give you a chance to hear about their experiences in person.

2. Expand support hours.

The best customer service is always available. You never know when your client can need your help – some products and services can break in the middle of the night and your client will need you as soon as possible.

For best results, you should create a working time that will give your clients enough space to contact you without worrying about specific time-frames.

3. Don`t make it hard for customers to reach you

Customers are less likely to go through with their appeal or request if you are hard to reach. This is why you need to clearly display your customer review form or any other kind of easy access tool that your users could easily spot and utilize.

Don`t be afraid of bad reviews either, this is how you build a better relationship with customers while learning what needs to change. For creating quality response emails you could leverage online tools like Viawriting or Paper Fellows.

4. Hire people that show empathy.

Skilled employees are one of the best ways to achieve greatness in what you do. They are what holds your business together and they provide immense value for your company.

When hiring customer service employees, you should definitely look for those that are the most empathetic and that can show your customer the care they need. Create special tests to see how they would handle situations that often happen in your company.

5. Give your customers information and news through text messages.

A great way to create a better communication with your customers is to send them direct text messages. Any news or interesting information you have that is brief enough to put in a text message should be sent in this way.

The reason for this is the personalization of customer service. If you have an access to their inboxes, then you can easily get the right information from them and also attract them to become your loyal client.

Try to create text messages that are mistake free and impress your users with your professionalism. Plenty of tools online offer useful services – Study demic or Academized, to name a few.

6. Avoid formality.

People nowadays don`t really have their heart set on prim and proper conversations with companies. It makes them feel uncomfortable and it doesn’t do anything good for them. This is why you should skip all of the formalities and engage in interesting and informative conversation.

Still, be careful not to insult them with being overly casual. A happy medium is a way to go. Give them enough formality so that they don`t feel like they are talking to a friend but also be casual enough to make them feel good when they are talking to you.

7. Open with a strong subject line in your emails.

An interesting subject line is sometimes all that you need to grab the attention of the reader. It is one of the first things that the reader sees and it should hold a lot of value in a small package. It shouldn`t be too long, it should be informative, inviting and relevant to the topic.

In the case of building the good relationship with customers, a subject line should also show that you care about them.

Use writing tools such as Bigassignments and Academ advisor to get some help in creating the perfect subject line.

8. Give your employees tools to work with.

Teach your employees how to handle stressful situations – give them all the necessary tools to deal with clients.

Start a conversation about how they should talk to clients in difficult settings and what phrases will build trust, empathy and calm the clients down.

9. Use mystery shoppers.

Mystery shoppers are a great way to find out how your customer service actually works. “You can talk to your employees, see what is good for your customers and what could annoy them. This could be a great tool to fix your mistakes and improve your customer service altogether”, - comments Connie Moore, a Customer Service Manager at Stateofwriting and Eliteassignmenthelp.

Final Thoughts

Customer service is one of the most important parts of any company. You need good communication with your customers in order to achieve the best results. Work towards building a better relationship with your customers by being more available and helpful. If anyone shows any concerns with your product or service, show respect and kindness – offer a helping hand and show them that you care.

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Freddie Tubbs
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