The Most Significant factors affecting SEO and eventually, the ranking of your website in 2019

The Most Significant factors affecting SEO and eventually, the ranking of your website in 2019

The Most Significant factors affecting SEO and eventually, the ranking of your website in 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a system to optimize your webpage so it could appear high in the search engine result enhancing the ranking of a website. It is a partial technical practice and part creative art.

SEO helps to make sure that search engine can easily get access to your website. SEO determines that the result for a particular query is relevant so that it could show your website in first few results due to increase in the click-through rates.

The Most Vital factors of SEO in 2019

Remember, what we know yesterday cannot always apply on today. Although SEO remains consistent year after year, yet after indefinite intervals due to an advancement in technology, there can be some changes in the factors that influence SEO. Keeping a close weather on the needs of 2019, here are some vital factors which will have an impact on Search Engine Optimization. Let’s probe some of these in detail.

Mobile-First indexing-a big change to the world of SEO

Need to know what Mobile-First Indexing is? The answer is quite simple, it means that the Google or other search engine will now first look at the mobile version of any webpage in determining the rank of the website. It is interesting to know that it applies to both desktop and mobile website results. It’s an easy thing to understand that from now onwards, you need to consider the mobile version as the primary version of your website.

Due to an increase in the use of mobile phones and progression in their technology, most of the people have quit the use of desktop. More than 70% people are accessing the search results from mobile devices and this percentage is increasing day by day. Keenly observing all this Google and other search engines have to make a move like this. It is now important for your website to have a mobile version, otherwise the ranking of your website may be harmed seriously.

The new algorithm setup by Google will prioritize your website if it is mobile-friendly. Your rankings will possibly be affected as a result. There are some tips here to check whether your website is Mobile-friendly or not and also, to enhance the ranking of the website. These include:

  • Use of Mobile Responsive theme
  • Keeping a balance in the quality of the content on mobile site and that of desktop
  • The structured data for both versions should also be the same
  • It is necessary to ensure that the Google Search Console is aware of your site
  • Check out whether the Google or any search engine is able to index your mobile site.
  • There should be a proficient speed of the mobile version of your website.

Page Speed

Time is already blowing the life up, and 2019 is going to be even faster. People have no time to wait until your site will open, therefore, the speed has become an important factor to optimize your website for SEO to reach the level of conversion towards your website. The loading time of a website is the most important factor in optimization of the site. The speed effect the conversion and traffic to a large extent, as users never wait more than 3 seconds until your website is completely loaded or otherwise leave your page immediately. You can optimize the speed of your page by considering following guidance.

  • To avoid congestion you should use as less plugins as you can.
  • The hosting company you use should be a good one.
  • The size of the image have to be condensed.
  • Request can be reduced if you compress or combine all files to minimize the files’ size.
  • Java and CSS both should load all together.
  • External hosting plans.
  • Browser caching should be enabled.

User Experience as an essential ingredient of SEO

The experience that users undergo as they interact with every facet of your website is said to be the user experience. You need to bring your A game to make your site better for users. If they are not satisfied, how can you expect high SEO and ranking of your site? So, keep in mind if the user experience is good, your site will automatically touch the zenith of success. There are few things that can influence User Experience positively, if applied to your website:

  • It should be quite easy for users to navigate through your website.
  • It ought to attract the intentions of users due to its unique design elements.
  • The content of your webpage should be informational, exceptional and should meet the requirement of users.
  • Be able to integrate navigation and design elements to make it easy for users to find what they need.
  • Your site should be vigilant to provide value to everyone who visits.
  • Your site should be dependable so that users can believe what you present in front of them.

User Experience can assist your website to be more Crawlable and manages expectations. It is valuable in the sense that it fulfils the users’ queries to earn SEO ranking.

In a nutshell, User experience is a most essential ingredient of SEO. You not only work for the search engines guidelines but for your visitors too. The more you spend your time to make your website a way fascinating and optimized, the more traffic you will again and it will off course not a wastage of time.

Authoritative and Weighty Content

It is a little-known secret for 2019 that Google and other search engines are making a modification from traditional search engine optimization (SEO) to put an emphasis on quality and authoritative content. Though, it is still essential to optimize your meta data and remain on top of appropriate keywords, it cannot be denied that to generate organic search results, quality content with a whole concentration on authority is currently leading the pack.

Content that is weighty in SEO is no longer the finest way of fetching the traffic. You might have heard that content is the king of the website. With an increase focus of Google on strong content, marketing experts discover that most of the times authority becomes prior to SEO.

It’s not only Google that is placing a great stress on authority but other search engines like Bing are also keeping a close weather on quality content consisting authority and other factors.

In 2019, marketers must change their attention towards the creation of applicable and interesting content. That means, emerging a compact understanding of one's target market to know exactly which type of content can be presented to the right viewers.

Social links stay a must thing in terms of creating influential and authoritative content. The basic necessity is to create impactful content that grabs the attention of readers and motivates them to share your content. This will over and over again boom with your target audience more than anything else.

Authoritative content not only comforts to drive more organic search traffic but also helps building trust. When visitors view your content and are able to absorb more about you, they will feel as though they are developing a strong bond with you. They will gradually start trusting you. Every professional marketer knows that it is at all times easier to make a sale when the customer trusts you.

You can produce an authoritative content by keeping a hawk eye on these useful things:

  • You should have a good knowledge about your topic. A thorough research should be conducted for this.
  • Your content must not be bogus, rather it should be the result of original and unique research. It means you have to present something new and catchy each time.
  • Don’t be hasty regarding the content, take your time to produce carefully-crafted content by focussing on every aspect of human need.
  • Social Signals can help you to determine your authority, so you need to stay in touch with them.

Link Building

Link building has been one of the top-ranking factors for quite a long time. Google, these days, has confirmed that links are the #1 ranking factor and also said that ranking without links is really a tough job.

The base of Google core algorithm is link. As Google is much vigilant about links, so you should be. Generally, webmasters can optimize the rank of their sites by increasing the number of well-reputed sites that link to their pages.

There are some strategies of link building which can assist you in 2019:

  • Publishing articles on the appropriate and right sites can increase the rating of your page.
  • The webmasters can automatically publish their blogs or websites through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. By publishing more and more sites on RSS channels, your content will be published for more times for search engines.
  • The Blog can aid you to increase the credibility of your website, also help building backlinks to your sites.
  • Site directories are although oldest yet vital ways to improve your SEO link strategy.
  • If you have a website that can match another site, make an interaction with its webmaster and bid to make a link. Direct and backward links to associated content will enhance the credibility of both sites and can be equally valuable for both.
  • One of the wondrous and fruitful link building strategies is distributing links into a comment on other blogs and articles with connected content. This can be carried out by placing contextual links to your site in your answer, or placing links in a signature or side view.
  • Moreover, you need to create links to other sites that you can trust. This will help increase the credibility of your site and optimize the indicator of neighbourhood links.

Title Tags and Meta Description

When search results are presented over search engines, the very first things that a user views are the title tags. The title tag provides the first impression of a website. You should keep the title tags words within limit, keep them brief presenting the most important idea. Title tags and Meta description occupies a significant place when doing SEO. They will aid your website to become more visible and get searchers clicking on your site in search.

It is needed that your Meta description is kept between 150 to 160 words, relevant to the headline, your service and title tags. You can use keywords in the title tags. Actually, the Meta description is something that provides the whole context about your website.

The whole contents you put on the web must have Meta descriptions and title tags. This is significant as it shows the preview snippets for a particular page. While you set up a website, you need to ensure that the site is optimized for SEO. You can be deprived of the available opportunities on website, on the off chance, you ignore the basis of SEO.

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