10 Top Tips For Visually Stunning Websites

10 Top Tips For Visually Stunning Websites

If you want to have amazing and visually stunning website you will need to hire the best web development company for your budget.

The way your website looks can sometimes be overlooked. It is easy to go with a simple and cheap website design in order to save money in your initial startup days. Although this may seem like a cost effective option initially, what many companies don’t realise is that it costs them money in the long run.

A large percentage of your audience will be turned off by unappealing or bad web design. Slow load times and unclear navigation will also lose you some views.

Some of the best ways that you can ensure that your website is a cut above the rest in design form are outlined below.

1 - Get An Awesome Logo - This is one of the first things a reader will see when they visit your website, so you need an awesome logo. Think about the impression this is going to make. Is your logo the best it po

If you are skilled in web design, then by all means create the logo yourself. If you aren’t, then it is always worth paying a professional designer to do this for you. You can find one on several freelancing sites if you want something created on a budget.

Your logo should be easy to read and should also represent what your business or website is about.

2 - Find a catchy Tagline - Your tagline should be catchy and to the point. It should be short, snappy and professional. Ensure that the fonts in your tagline are crisp and clear. They should be easy to read.

3 - Fonts and Wording - There are so many free fonts available that are beautiful. These are perfect for website use. Spend a little more money though, and you can buy some really beautiful fonts for personal and commercial use.

4 - Image and Video Gallery - People want to see high-quality pictures and video on a website. Vivid Photo Visual have some noteworthy examples to get your imagination flowing. Readers want to be immersed in an interactive experience and to enjoy their time browsing. Creating videos and images that really ‘pop’ on screen is a design win.

5 - Fresh and modern Design - Keep your designs crisp and fresh.  Modern, minimalistic designs are often easier to browse than dark coloured sites.

6 - Easy Navigation - Your design must be amazing, but your readers also need to be able to navigate it! Ensure that your navigation flows easily with no complex wording.

7 - Social Media Icons - Bright and eye catching social media icons in stunning designs are a big plus. They will look great and encourage your readers to follow your brand on more platforms.

8 - Cool Plugins - Invest in a few cool plugins for your website. A sidebar with some beautiful images pulled from your Instagram feed, or a Flickr widget is a pretty safe bet.

9 - Complimentary Colours - Stick to colours that compliment each other well. Different variants of one colour work well and create a subtle layout change without being too bold.

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