4 Reasons Why SEO Is Crucial For Your Business

4 Reasons Why SEO Is Crucial For Your Business

For many business owners, SEO, aka search engine optimization, is one of the most misunderstood terms in the industry. While many people think the SEO is confusing and are unsure what it is, at the most basic level, SEO is simply a marketing method.

The misunderstanding and confusion that comes hand in hand with SEO has meant that many otherwise savvy business owners have devalued its importance. SEO is often left out of business plans, when it is, in fact, an important part of creating a solid marketing plan for a successful business.

When used correctly, SEO is a practical marketing channel that can provide companies with more traffic, credibility, and insight.

To run a successful business SEO is vital. For our ultimate guide to using SEO to build up your business, have a read of this:

1. SEO is good for search engine ranking and branding

When people are searching the internet for your services or products, it is important that your website shows as high up on the search engine as possible. The higher on the search engine you are, the more likely users are to click on your link and visit your website.

To get your website higher up on each search engine, it is important that your website or the articles on your website contain keywords and terms. For example, if you sold medical products for osteoporosis, terms like ‘osteoporosis treatment’ would need to feature on your website. That way when users type in similar phrases to the search engine, a link to your website or article would come up.

To increase your website’s traffic, have a look at online articles and tutorials for an excellent guide to SEO.

2. SEO gives your business more credibility

Internet users make notes of the rankings for terms searched online – you may not realise it, but we all do it. In the minds of internet users, a website’s ranking is what gives the company credibility. For example, if a website is shown on the first page of Google, users automatically think that it is relevant.

3. SEO brings in traffic

Whilst by itself, internet traffic will not make you money it will help you to build up a customer base.

If you had a choice, where would you want to set up your business, on a quiet back street in a small town or right in the centre of a large city? In a large city, you may not make any money to begin with, but everyone who is walking by is taking in your business and may become a customer eventually. The more internet traffic your website has, the more likely you are to build up a good customer base.

4. SEO gives your insight into your customers

By generating traffic for your website, SEO allows Google Analytics to track your traffic and give you a vital insight into who is visiting your site. Google Analytics allows you to see things like how your customers search (the search terms they use). As well as the language they use, the type of technology they go online with, where they live, and when they go online most. This kind of data is incredibly valuable as it will allow you to know your customer base more and make better decisions about your business because of it. By knowing when you customers go online most, you can ensure you post to social media around that period of time. 

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