Xcode 6 - What all is in store for developers?

Xcode 6 - What all is in store for developers?

Apple Inc, America's leading computer software and consumer electronics company has time and now offered a wide spectrum of tools which have brought an entirely new revolution into the mobile application development world. Latest addition to the plethora of mobile app development tools offered by the company is the Xcode 6.

As the most recent integrated app development environment, Xcode 6 has been introduced in its beta version. With a special focus on features and enhancements, Xcode 6 allows developers to develop new interfaces for delivering high-quality applications. Keep on reading this blog as I unveil Xcode 6's key features that serve as handy tools for global app design and development community.

Software Requirements for running Xcode 6

Xcode 6 requires a Mac running OS X version 10.9.3(or higher) or 10.10. It comes with pre-installed SDKs useful for OS X versions 10.9, 10.10 and also for the recently launched iOS8. 

Swift- Adding a whole new dimension to app programming

Xcode 6 comes with Swift, a brand new programming language which includes an interactive work area where developers can directly manipulate the swift code live. After this, the code can further be promoted in the main project. With Swift, app developers can easily type in the code for a specific path in the work area, followed by watching the path drawn besides the code. Xcode 6 Beta is equipped with the right kind of features that work wonders for adding live visualization capabilities to mobile and web applications.

Viewing Debugging is easier with Xcode 6

Xcode 6 has made it simpler for every reputable iPhone App Development Company to view the debugging  report for their mobile application. It has become convenient to notice as to why a view is being clipped. Also, you can inspect and debug the constraints in addition to fixing other issues related to the code. Xcode 6 comes with default debugging tools including debug gauges which allow developers to monitor the app's I/O usage and gauge the iCloud. 

Xcode 6 - Support for improved performance testing

Xcode 6 is loaded with XCTest framework that extends support for extensive performance tests. Fully integrated into Xcode and Xcode Server, XCTest framework will let you streamline the performance metric. Each test carried out for the app will compare the performance, display the change over time and alert you everytime a sudden regression is introduced due to a code commit. All the tracks of recorded data are provided a greater amount of space and configuration for how the data is collected and viewed.

Xcode6- Lets you develop a single universal storyboard for multiple iOS devices

Xcode 6's Interface Builder displays your custom objects during the app design time, making them appear while the app is running. When you choose to update the code for your custom view, the Interface Builder design canvas automatically updates with a brand new look, saving you from the hassles of building and running the app on a repetitive basis. The APIs let you add properties to the Interface Builder inspector for bringing in quick design changes to your views. Moreover, you can even choose to pre-populate the view with dummy data for attaining a precise look and feel for the app interface. Since storyboards for iOS support UIKit size classes, Xcode 6 allows you to develop a universal storyboard that loads perfectly on every iOS device. With Interface Builder, you can easily preview any combination of device and app orientation while you design the final interface.

Xcode 6 comes with bonus features

Apart from the outstanding Xcode 6 features explained above, this new App development tool comes with many more features which have been explained below:

Suite of Extensions and Frameworks

Xcode 6 is equipped with several extensions and frameworks that allow iOS developers to create dynamic apps. The frameworks are basically collections of code and resources that encapsulate a functionality which is valuable across multiple app development projects.


Unlike the previous app development tools introduced by Apple, Xcode 6 comes with base .strings files which are automatically produced via the code. With the localization feature, you can easily view how the app looks in different languages using the Preview Assistance.

Game Building

A perk for all skilled iPhone Application Developer is that Xcode 6 includes a SpriteKit level designer and an incredible support for all new features in the particle editor. All this makes it easy for iOS developers to create great games for iOS and OS X users.

Summing it all up

Ever since its release on June 2, 2014, Xcode 6 has been receiving immense amount of appreciations from iOS and OS X developers across the globe. Now, its your turn to embrace Xcode 6 for ensuring 100% success in all your iOS and OS X app development projects. 

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