Why to Choose iOS Swift App Development

Why to Choose iOS Swift App Development

When we want to develop our own App then we stuck that which platform should be chosen by us because at present, a lot of platforms are available for App development like Android, Native, Hybrid, Windows, iOS and many more but we should choose the best one that can give us perfect medium to serve our services. Here, we will discuss that why iOS swift App development is best for us.


Swift’s language is developed by Apple and it is the only language that is fastest in the world. Swift’s language derived from C++. It has special rules and syntax that helps us to reduce the size of the App. We can implement all our features with the help of Swift and due to its short size of code, its volume will be decreased.

We can understand it with the help of an example of an App that has 80,000 lines of code, but when we will develop it with Swift, then its code size will be 27000. So, this type it reduces the size of the App. When App size will be reduced, then its performance will increase automatically and we will get best results from it. When its size will reduce, then the user will show more interest in it because user like lightweight Application and can perform excellently. For getting incredible performance, we should choose a Swift language to develop our Application.


The iPhone has made a record of world best phone and for years it has that labeled and we cannot disagree with it. iPhone rich features and high quality make it giant in the market and its dominance cannot be neglected. By using IOS we can cover a huge user base that will give us a better price for our services. In the market, people are expecting higher mobile UX and UI. We can fill this requirement by developing our Apps in Swift.

Swift provides us a platform where we can design and develop a high-quality App and more engaging Apps. Here, we can easily include maps, in our Apps to make it better. Here, we can target our audience by serving them specific features. For making e-commerce oriented App, we can use Apple pay and sandbox testing to make it more users friendly and we can serve our services in a better way. User-friendly business App can be developed by us in better ways by developing it in swift.

Quick Updating and Fast Pace

The coding syntax is so easy to swift and with the help of it, we can develop our Apps in less coding. It decreases our code and we can make a perfect App. All rules and syntax are in simple English. Before swift language, Apple uses objective C++ language and in this, we create two files and save them as .h and .m. in this, .h is used for variation declaration and .m is used for class definition associated with the task. But in swift language, we create the only file that is.Swift file and all files can be managed from the single file name. Easy coding helps us to make our App more advanced and more high-tech. we can build all kinds of features. So, we can easily update our App and swift gives a rapid pace to our App.


If we are going to develop a feature-rich App, then we should choose swift for this because here we can add rich functionality in our App. In this all kinds of syntax are already available and rich function, we can implement easily. We can call all functions according to our requirement and we can check it immediately that how it will work. In this, we can easily implement all kinds of rich functionality to make our App more popular and demanding.


If we will write perfect syntax, then it will never crash. When we type something on MS word and by mistake, we make a spelling error, then it will automatically make it right so, like that in Swift when we make an error, then automatically it will give us suggestions to make it right. This helps us and in a long project, it helps a lot and save us from making any error and if our syntax is perfect, then our App will never crash. For making a perfect function, we should know that which function or syntax will work here, so these types with the help of Swift, we can make an App that will not crash.


It is an open source language, who is supported by a huge community and more than 50,000 members are there. If you face any kind of problem, then we can take help of community and we will surely get better results. The Community helps a lot to resolve our problem. Sometimes, we got stuck in a problem and for that community service is available there and we can easily solve our issue. So, its support system is best.


Swift was launched in August 2014. We can understand it with the help of example like we are using Swift old version and when we migrated to a new version like swift4.0, and then it will automatically call its functions and we will make safe emigration. Recently, swift4.0 released and it is most effective for us. We can also migrate from swift to c and objective c. It is the best thing that you will not get on another platform.


Non-IOS Developer that is also building the App to targeting many platforms also can use swift because swift has also syntax that supports many platforms like Linux. For Linux, you can also make App here. Swift is not limited to the IOS operating system and we can also use it for Linux. So, swift has no limitation that it will work only for IOS. So, it is good news for developers that are not using Swift.


When user trust on App, then we also share sensitive information on Application. It is the responsibility of developer and owner that App must be secure and it should be unable to hack because if it will hack, the user data will be mishandled. So, when we develop App then we should focus on App security and it is most important factor in Application. For making secure your Apps you should choose Swift platform that will provide you high security and here we can implement given issue as:

  • SQL Injection
  • Reflected XSS
  • Buffer Overflows
  • Stored XSS

Here, you will get many security frameworks that will serve you several frameworks to make your App more secure and here you can manage your security by API. Authorization services, keys, certification, trust, encryption on message etc. can be done by us by API.

So, these types we can understand that how Swift is helpful for us and how we can implement excellent features in our App by the help of Swift. We can also make our own App with help of iOS App developer. It will develop our App with Swift and we will get the best results.

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