What SMEs Should Look for in a Web Hosting Company

What SMEs Should Look for in a Web Hosting Company

The average person can have problems with their web hosting company when it comes to setting up and operating a website. Some people like to create blogs they can monetise whilst others simply want to share information through stories and pictures.

Unfortunately, when it comes to running a professional website for a business, there are a number of qualifications a web hosting company should have so that your business website can operate smoothly with few interruptions. If you are an SME in the UK looking for a web hosting company, here are some features you should insist on.

Tech Support for CCNA Engineers

Whether you have in-house IT engineers or have had your network set up by a telecommunications company, it is vital that your web hosting company is willing to communicate with your CCNA engineers. Sometimes problems can arise on the server end (web hosting company) and other times the problems may be attributed to issues with your computer networking hardware and/or software at your business location. Networking engineers who have completed such programmes as commsupportnetworks.co.uk CCNA training courses will want to know that they can directly communicate with your web hosting company’s tech support department. More to the point, tech support should be top of your list.

Guaranteed Uptime

When running a business with an online presence, it is vital that you are guaranteed a minimum of at least 99.5% uptime. Anything lower is totally unacceptable because this equates to loss of potential revenue. It would be akin to keeping your doors closed and locked at a brick and mortar establishment. We all know that customers get easily disenchanted whenever they stop by to find you closed during normal hours of operation. Many times they are so upset that they will not return in the future. The same holds true with visitors to your site. If it is down, they will often take their business elsewhere. You really should look for an average of 0% downtime, and that’s not too much to ask!

A Solid Reputation in the Business Community

Finally, although there are other important features and benefits you should look for, a business website is integral to the company’s success. Unlike a personal blog which may cause a minor irritation if down, a business can lose a great deal of revenue during downtime so business sites should be prioritised. If you are looking for a web hosting company for your business’ website, take the time to ask for a list of references you can contact. Talk to other businesses to gauge their level of satisfaction prior to purchasing web hosting services from any web hosting provider whatsoever. You just might find that smaller hosting companies offer better services than larger companies who aren’t ‘hungry’ for your business.

When all is said and done, your company’s website is a vital part of your organisation. Before opting for a particular web hosting service, make absolutely sure that you will be online more than 99.5% of the time, have tech support that is willing to communicate with your local network engineers and that the hosting company has a long list of satisfied SMEs you can talk to. You are in business to make money and the wrong hosting company can cost you dearly, so choose wisely.

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