What are the Best Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing?

What are the Best Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing?

Want to engage your audience and grow your business 2X? Practicing LinkedIn marketing in the right way is what you need!

With over 740 million members and 55 million registered companies, it’s no wonder that LinkedIn is the most preferred professional network today. And it is for this reason that nearly 79% of marketers leverage LinkedIn for lead generation.

But simply creating a profile and posting updates daily won’t help you achieve your LinkedIn marketing goals for your business. While there’s no secret formula to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, you must follow certain crucial tips to find new partners and customers and ultimately grow your business.

Check out the below-given hacks for high-yielding LinkedIn Marketing for your business growth.

7 Hacks for Effective LinkedIn Marketing For Your Business

1. Create A Powerful Profile & Keep Refining It

Do you know, 1 in every 3 business people has a LinkedIn profile? As such, it becomes crucial to create a great LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd. After all, first impression is the last and your profile is a great opportunity to impress. To improve your contact rate, you must create an impressive profile and keep it up to date.

  • Make your profile 100% complete and optimize it continuously.
  • Keep on adding new skills, experiences, achievements, and examples of your recent work.
  • Be authentic when creating your profile.
  • Optimize your profile link and keep it simple and clean.
  • Keep track of your profile and activities on it using automation tools & save time.

Remember, business is always about people; hence profiles matter a lot.

2. Create an Impressive LinkedIn Page & Optimize It

As a business, having a company page on LinkedIn is important. LinkedIn company pages are a great way to showcase your brand, its products, and services and share helpful information about it with your prospects and followers. Create an effective company page that offers sufficient opportunities for your prospects to learn about your company and the employees who work there. Adding people who work in your organization to your page increases your opportunities to the extent of your company's reach.

Learn more about creating LinkedIn Pages here.

3. Leverage blog and website links on your LinkedIn Profile

As said, an impressive LinkedIn profile can work in favor of your business and get your brand massive following and extensive reach easily. For this to happen,

  • Add links to your social networks and portfolio to your LinkedIn page.
  • Add links to your content and company website to increase clicks. This will also help drive traffic to the specific areas of your page.

4. Grow Followers on Your Page

Let’s admit: No matter how powerful or impressive your profile is, your LinkedIn marketing is a fail if you aren’t increasing your page followers. Having more connections helps you increase opportunities for engagement with your target audience. As such, you should focus on determining how extensive your network is and take necessary measures to grow your connections consistently. Here is what all you can do to grow following on your page:

  • Send invitations to connect through emails. Customize all invitations as this will increase the chances of having the connection request accepted.
  • Use a “Follow” button on your company website. 
  • Use “LinkedIn Advanced People Search” tool to find people based on your lead-generation criteria.
  • Invite connections on your Profile to follow your LinkedIn Page. 
  • Endorse your company page on emails, newsletters, and blog posts.
  • Use InMail tool to send direct messages to any LinkedIn user, no matter whether you are connected to them.

5. Join LinkedIn Groups

 If you want to make connections with people quickly, LinkedIn Groups are a great option. These act as a center for you and other users to share content, establish yourself as an expert in any field, grow your contact list, and increase brand awareness.

Another significance of joining LinkedIn Groups is that it makes you a thought leader in your industry. How? When you join various LinkedIn Groups pertaining to your industry and participate in discussions, you enhance your knowledge and expertise.

In addition, joining LinkedIn Groups enables you to view complete profiles of all the members of the same group without the need to connect. Besides, you can also send up to 15 free direct messages to fellow group members every month.

6. Publish & Boost Thought Leadership Content Regularly

It’s a common misconception that simply posting content on social networks can get them following and leads. The “type” of content and how “often” you publish such content is what brings the difference.

When it comes to LinkedIn specifically, posting “salesy” content does not help. Instead, you must publish content that your target audience wants to read. Instead, catch your audience’s attention by posting fresh ideas.

Publish your own ideas on your page constantly. Come up with something new every time and you will soon notice a steady growth in your connections. Besides, share engaging and insightful content from others as well.

  • Attract connections by getting content in front of more people. You can use status updates to post your content.
  • Make your content attractive by adding media to it.
  • Use “Sponsored Content” option to boost your content directly in your audience’s feed.
  • Be consistent in terms of variety and posting schedule.

7. Raise Awareness with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are an effective way to raise awareness and reach your marketing goals. These allow you to focus on reaching people from specific companies, skills, job titles, seniority levels, or functions. You can run a LinkedIn self-service ad campaign using Message Ads, Sponsored Content, Text Ads, or Dynamic Ads powered by Campaign Manager - an all-in-one advertising platform of LinkedIn. It allows you to select goals, set a budget, and have full control over your campaign timeline. Additionally, you can also use its various to meet your advertising goals.

The Final Words

In a nutshell, to exploit LinkedIn to achieve your marketing goals, you must put your brand out there on the platform and take consistent measures to build connections. You’re your profile complete and provide all the important details about your business to help your prospects understand your brand. Lastly, be active on LinkedIn - join groups, run ads, post quality content and engage with your connections.

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