Web Design Psychology: Tips on What Is Capable of Influencing Your Visitors

Web Design Psychology: Tips on What Is Capable of Influencing Your Visitors

With millions of websites out there in the digital world today, it so obvious that the digital world is already crowded.

To stand out or keep your head above the water, you need an excellent web designs that feeds hungry visitors. But at the same time, it goes beyond just having a good web design in place.

Is your web design giving visitors exactly what that want? That's the big question most website owners and even developers don't have an answer to. In turn, this leads to what is known as web design physiology.

Web design psychology has to do with the study of the factors that engage customers and at the same time drives them to visit some other time. This study has led to the perfect formula that every developer and even website owners needs to know.

The primary objective of web design psychology is to help build a website that resonates around visitors’ feelings and things that helps influence them in the positive direction. Right here in this article, I will share tips on what is capable of influencing your visitors.

The power of content

A good content is powerful but it becomes useless when it is way too much than expected. With the help of web design psychology, it made us to understand that lengthy content Is not that productive in web designs. The primary thing that should be focused on is organization and edit. In web design, what the visitors need to make them happy should be the focal point of your content.

Therefore, the contents to be used in web designs must be clean, easy to read, organized and provide the necessary information. All this has a way of influencing your visitors and make them keep coming back. Right here is what a powerful content looks like. Check it out and get a clearer picture.

What space can do

Web design psychology helps us to understand that filling up all the whole space of a web page makes visitors unease. Overload of information is a bad idea, it chokes visitors and won't allow them to get what they came for in the first place.

Those white space are important and shouldn't be ignored. I know it is hard to sacrifice that Space, but you just have to. All you have to do is plan and organize and all you want will be achieved. A simple, organized, with adequate space has this way of telling your visitors that you are here for business and you don't plan wasting their time doing that.

Colour needs to be perfect

The effects of colour are a bit similar to that of web space. Colours send out a lot of messages. Getting it right determines how much it affects your visitors. Colours works hand in hand with organization to achieve what visitors want to see.

Colours have different meaning; therefore, you need to pick the best. However, natural colours are the best when it comes to backgrounds using another colour especially flashy colour is not so good and its kind-of drives away visitors.


Putting all these at the back of your mind when developing a website helps to figure out exactly what your visitors are expecting. Web designs is fun, so start designing!

Posted by Liakat Hossain

Liakat Hossain
Liakat Hossain is a content marketing professional at WebAlive, an Australian web design and development company. He has been helping businesses grow with search and content marketing since 2011.

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