We are changing the world with technology

We are changing the world with technology

We are changing the world with technology

Talking about the technology is a really important topic among young generation. If we discuss about the advanced technology, many of us could not even imagine a single day or a minute without working on mobile phones.

All of us are extremely addicted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we share our all the daily life routine like eating tasty food, or Nepal tour experiences and anything that you want to share on these platforms. All these things have given us by the technology. As the time is passing on, we are going to be smart and more advanced, so technology has a key role in our living environment.

Technology has changed way that we communicate-

In the previous days, letters were the medium of communicating with each other. Either we want to wish our loved ones or send money. It takes a lot of days to reach the right person. In addition, we have to follow the path of the letter while they have delivered to the right person or not. It might have so many difficulties. But, now the invention of mobile technology, we can send comfortably wishes or make calls anytime. We should give many thanks to video conferencing software that have made our lives comfortable.

Technology has changed the ways that we watch TV

A few days ago, we have to sit in front of the television to watch the latest or breaking news. But today, everything has changed, you can pause live TV to watch anything. You can reverse your shows or news, if you have missed anything. As well, you can also record TV shows. So now, the technology has fully transformed the way of watching television. This improvement in the technology has brought a lot of new things in each sector. Moreover, TV sets have been connected to the Internet, so you can watch everything anytime.

Technology has made many useful applications

Today, we can find out any person’s profile or personal detail on the Internet easily. It has become possible only by the technology. There are so many applications which have made us advanced beyond our imagination.

Technology has brought new things to change health

Even though, technology has changed the speed of the health but decreased quality. In the previous times, people were not aware about electronic items, so they didn’t think about such types of items. People were also healthy and fit, so they might live a long life. But, today generation is going very fast and addicted to use the advanced technology. As a result, the average human age is reducing. It is real fact that overuse of anything is surfeit to health.

Technology has developed a new sector of the gaming addiction-

Nowadays, almost parents fail to understand their kids? Why is it so? Because kids are interested to spend their most time in playing games such as FIFA, NFS, PUBG on the computer systems and laptops. For kids, technology is just like a toy. They have no any understanding about the technology. All these things are very far away from them. But parent want to see their kids happy and cheer. So, technology has given a new birth to gaming sector, so everyone can enjoy its benefits.

Technology has enlarged the awareness

The first and important thing that we all love about the technology is that it has improved our knowledge level. Today just by sitting at home, we can know what’s happening in other parts of the world. We can hear, watch and go anywhere that we want. With the help of live TV shows, or radio, we can hear any kind of news anytime of the day, while driving car, taking a morning tea or eating meal on any trip like Nepal tour. With varying time, people have become advanced and clear views about science and technology.
We are humans and discovered the technology to change the way of spending life at its best. Now, technology has changed our lifestyle beyond the expectations. It is not a miracle of God, but it is the art and science of Human beings. So, technology has changed the way of living, not the destroyed the life of human beings. We have discovered the technology for our betterment and welfare.

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Julia Lee
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