11 Key factors to consider while designing a website

11 Key factors to consider while designing a website

Envision the occasion when you visited a specific site and there was something that intrigued you so much that you were incited to remain and check for additional things on that site.

The greater part of us would have encountered something comparative every once in a while. But have you ever wondered what is so special about these eye-popping websites?
The way to developing a site isn't just speaking to the visitors or attracting them, but making it easy for them to use too. From usefulness to attractive appearance, a ton goes into making a productive and easy to use the site. Your website should not only look attractive but it should be useful as well. Web engineers and planners must cooperate to deliver sites that are available via common search engines, draw in clients, and invigorate conversions. That is a ton of work, right? Luckily, this article is here to help.

11 Key Factors in website development

Below key factors will guide you in the process of developing an attractive website.

Choosing a relevant domain name

You most likely visit well-known sites such as Google, Yahoo, and YouTube on a daily basis, but have you ever noticed their incredible domain names? Yup, you did but never paid attention. Websites with Incredible domain names say a lot while saying pretty much nothing. A domain name is just like telekinesis.
Notwithstanding being paramount, a domain name needs to precisely mirror your websites’ image and be almost difficult to incorrectly spell. Finding the correct name for your website is extremely important since it is kind of an ambassador for the brand, while a bad domain name can cause a huge amount of damage to the traffic on the site.
Also, the domain name is very important in light of the fact that it prompts solid SEO and consequently higher possibility of being prominent in the search results.
Ultimately, a well-planned domain name can prompt an awesome website.

Choosing an appropriate hosting provider

When looking to host your website it's essential to keep your site and a business module in mind. If the site is going to be media-rich, then you need a bigger hosting plan. If your site is planned to experience higher frequency of traffic then you need a responsive and fast hosting service, otherwise, you can save few bucks by sticking to an average hosting provider.
Additionally, consider the measure of security provided by the hosting provider. Remember to research about the hosting provider via web-based networking media and outsider sites before settling on a conclusion.

Well planned design

The design of the website is important, in fact, it's one of the most significant things to plan before moving on to the development stage.
A quality design prompts appealing and simple to use the website. In particular, a spotless design of the website enables the visitors to navigate easily and quickly find what he/she is looking for without lurking or clicking pointlessly.
A well-structured design contributes to the user experience big time.

Having an effective content management system

It's difficult to build up an extraordinary site without a utilitarian program (CMS) dealing with the backend. In the event that you think about your site as a Ferrari, the outlook corresponds to the front of the website and the engine corresponds to the backend of the site. As the smooth paintwork, flickering tires, and rich cowhide seating attracts people so as the front end of the website. Much the same as the amazing engine in your Ferrari, the backend of your site is the place where enchantment truly occurs. Without solid backend administrations, your site will not have the option to instantly customize the needs of the visitors. Similarly, without a powerful engine, a Ferrari is pointless.
Perhaps the best engine for online businesses is Magento, WordPress, et cetera.

Powerful and effective color scheme

A website with a bad color scheme can prompt dissatisfaction and frustration among the users hence increasing the bounce rate. Researching for a perfect color scheme and investing a considerable amount of energy to investigate the best shading alternatives will give your users a decent impression. Believe me, it would be worth your time.

An up-to-date and relevant blog section

An on-site active blog is very important for an effective website since it helps keep visitors educated about the most recent news, organization occasions, and industry-related trends. Having an up-to-date and relevant blog on the website is an incredible method to keep the customers engaged and coming back while promoting the business.
Keeping your blog routinely refreshed turns your brand into a reliable source of information and a hub for research.

Proper functionality

It’s pivotal to see your website from the user's perspective, and you will instantly realize which functionalities you need and which you don’t.
Also, you need to make sure that all of the functionalities on your websites are up and running as they are suppose to otherwise any sort of practical issues can incite a client to leave the website.

Convenient navigation

In the event that a site is confounding and hard to explore, your clients may leave and stay away forever. A website, first and foremost, must be easy to navigate. You must know the navigation styles that bode well and those that don't since you can’t structure your website with any navigational style.
One approach to improve a visitor's capacity to explore your site effectively is to include a webpage map.

Unique content

In terms of content on your website, it is pivotal to compose top-notch, unique content that is pertinent to your brand and line of business. It is important to know that every paragraph of your content plays an important role in ranking the website and, in any case, if your content is plagiarized than for sure your ranking will take a hit.
Note: Posting copy content on your site will bring about soak punishments from Google, including conceivable expulsion from internet searcher results.

SEO-friendly website

It’s a common understanding that a website that is not SEO friendly is just like a needle in a haystack. Regardless of anything, it's basic to develop an SEO friendly website.
If you want your website to be among those top 10 search results in Google then you must put effort into website design enhancements, which should go about as a guide for search engine crawlers.
SEO is basically what gets you the most appropriate visitors, that is why you want to make sure your website is SEO-friendly.


The structure and arrangement of your brand logo on a webpage adds to the instant acknowledgment of the brand by the user. It is critical to all businesses, both enormous and little.
Expertly planned logos effectively grab the client's attention and give a reasonable image of the brand's extraordinary voice. You must pick an area on your webpage that is promptly unmistakable to visitors, for example, the upper left corner.
At the point when a business is obvious via its logo, it furnishes clients with an incorporated and significant brand involvement.

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