UI/UX Design for Virtual Reality: Things to Consider

UI/UX Design for Virtual Reality: Things to Consider

After a very long time, the designers have been given a task to create challenging designs that immerse their users to the depths of the technology.

Not that they’re trying to get the users addicted to their designs. But delivering the best UI/UX is the sole aim of the VR technology and they’re sticking to it.

It’s when you’re trying to catch a butterfly with a VR box around your eyes, the UI/UX designs for VR are qualified. 

If you’re in the same club, here are some tips for you to create the best UI/UX designs for the VR technology:

1) Keep Your Users In Mind

The users of VR technology – the humans – want it all real and thrilling! That is why they’re so inclined towards this kind of technology – because it removes the line between digital and real.

The advent of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has started to shape the world of design. 

As per the best UI/UX designers in NYC, the VR users want it all simple and plain. Introspect yourself as a user and consider what you would like when roaming around in a landscape.

  • Would you like mismatching concepts or pure realism?
  • Would you like too many instructions popping every now and then or just a simple natural landscape?
  • Would you like your mind to work hard to understand what’s going on or would you just let it wander naturally and absorb things by itself?

As human beings, we wouldn’t like to be told too much or think too hard while we’re trying to have fun. So, avoid making your VR designs too complex and keep things extensively natural and real so that the meaning of VR is defined. For help by the experts, you can avail the services of the best NY web design firm.

2) Affordance Of Design

Affordance of the design means when an activity is to be performed on a design, it occurs the same way every time, regardless of the input measures used by the user. The best UI/UX designers in NYC use the factor of affordance to their benefit while designing for VR.

For instance, when we right click on the computer’s screen, it shows a drop down menu. Now, the same menu appears if the command is entered through the keyboard key, trackpad of a laptop, long press through screen touch, or stylus.

So, regardless of the input measures, the command stays the same and the activity is performed in the same manner.

Similarly, as the VR technology keeps on changing, you need to work harder on the affordance factor of your design. For instance, while using the VR technology if the command is given through vision, mind activity, controller, or through touch. In all the cases, things must work the same way!

For expert help in inserting the best affordance features in your VR designs, you can contact the best NY web design firm.

3) Pay Close Heed to Vision and Perspective

Perspective has always been a huge part of UI/UX design. However, when it comes to the VR designs, it gets bigger and real.

In the VR technology, the size of the content refers to the distance of the content from the user’s eyes. This content is to be set in the right perspective for the users to get the real feeling.

Now, there are numerous ways to set your content in the right perspective in VR designs. As per the best UI/UX designers in NYC, the content can be set in a particular background with a prescribed size as per the distance from the user’s eyes.

You can also keep the content at a custom distance that keeps on changing with the movement of the user. For instance, if the user is moving closer to the content, it can get bigger and clearer.

To get the best idea of the perspective, you must use your own experience.

  • Try and test things by looking around at them
  • Stare at an object hanging on a wall in front of you
  • Take an idea of your distance from the object in terms of length and width
  • Note the placement of your eyes and the direction of your vision
  • Check the changes that you notice in your perspective with your movement

This way, you can get a clearer idea about the perspective and vision of your design. With these three things in mind, you’ll be able to design the best UI/UX for your virtual reality app or video. For the help of experienced experts, you can seek the services or assistance from the best NY web design firm.

So, start working on your VR design and stun your users with the most realistic UI/UX!

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Vin Boris
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