Drupal: The Past, present, and promise

Drupal: The Past, present, and promise

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS that can be called a full-feature suite for all the content needs of a website- creating, editing and publishing.

A large number of websites are being fuelled by Drupal. Due to the flexibility, versatility and reliable security, Drupal is one of the most preferred CMS for many fortune 500 companies, government organizations, educational websites and other websites where security is paramount. But did you know how the story of Drupal was started? Let’s know about the interesting history of Drupal:

The beginning

The story of Drupal first started in 2000 at the University of Antwerp with a completely different purpose. The university didn’t enjoy the constant connectivity of internet and that made 2 of its students Dyes Buytaert and Hans Snijder to look for some alternate solution. They planned to enable the sharing of Hans’ ADSL modem connection among 8 students by setting up a wireless bridge. The things worked fine.

Encouraged by their initial venture they now wanted to further enhance it. So Dries employed a web board and a local news site for the 8 friends was started. The friends could now share the interesting information on the news board.

The development

With time, the friends became very much used to the local site. So when he graduated, Dries decided to continue with the site instead of abandoning it. He gave it the name Drop.org. It allowed the friends to remain in touch. With time, Dries now wanted the vast community of net users to take benefits of his efforts. The software that ran Drop.org was finally released in 2001. It was presented as an experimentation platform that allowed the users to use, add or modify it.

With time, more and more programmers started joining Drupal and that contributed towards its further development. Today, Drupal is benefitted by a huge number of the best brains of IT industry across the globe. Because of frequent updates, flexibility and high level of security Drupal is trusted by a number of most sophisticated and sensitive departments/businesses including Government sector, healthcare sector, educations sector and Fortune 500 companies.

Major bodies and events

Drupal Con: Drupal Con is a conference of Drupal programmers, users and enthusiasts It is held twice every year and the Drupplers share their knowledge, trick, tips and advertisers and at the same time giving a voice to their concerns relating to Drupal.

Drupal association: Drupal association looks after various operational and management needs of varies Drupal related activities like Drupal cons, drupal, org, Global training day and community cultivating grants.

Drupal VZW: Drupal VZW is a nonprofit association based in Belgium that is more of a policy-based organization.

Drupal history

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