5 Ways You Need To Use Social Media To Boost Your SEO

5 Ways You Need To Use Social Media To Boost Your SEO

Let’s be realistic: Social media is the new trick for marketing of content. Sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have taken over the social media marketing world, more and more companies are trying hard to get into the game.

But the real question is how SEO fits into all this? Viral marketing and social media are very effective, there is no doubt about it. But a question has been going around whether SEO is dead with the rise of social media or they both can work together.

The answer is SEO can never die. In fact, both social media and SEO are deeply connected with each other. After all search engines simply find to follow trends and behaviors of real people – something that has been cleared in the past few years.

As the search progresses, we will see that more social factors are being involved in the ranking of algorithms. And still, there are a lot of benefits that are being offered by social media for the SEO campaigns.

Decide Who You Are And Make Yourself

The internet is a place full of brands, companies, and individuals. To stand out from the crowd, you need to build an authentic, strong and engaging brand presence. How do you achieve this? Simple you need to strategically publish your content on your social media profiles based upon a content calendar. Your readers and audience should be able to recognize you as the author of the content because of your tone, and design. All the content you post should include an on-brand message for you to keep it cohesive and relevant. This way you will be searched more, and you will increase awareness of your business organically, which is far more valuable than any type of advertising.

Size Is Important

The total number of connections and followers you have on your social media profiles will have a direct impact on your rankings in the search engine. The more followers you have, the better it is for your brand. But before you just get excited to pay an SEO company who promises to give you 10,000 followers in $30, do consider that quality matters. Real followers will engage with your posts and content, fake followers will only show in numbers and not in engagement – and in social media, engagement is the key.

If you want to create a real community, then you need to start thinking yourself as the leader. All your social media profiles should be a place where your followers would like to stay and communicate. Putting up high-quality content is essential, but what is more important is to engage in it. You need to search key people in your niche and then follow them in order to get follow back. Companies like Vibbi are an authentic place to buy social media likes, followers and connections.

Court Respect

The whole purpose of social networking is to share and build an audience. Likes, comments, and shares are the SEO signals. The more your followers share your content there are more chances of getting higher visibility in search engines. And social media content that is shared by the audience can end up in a lot of potential places like eBooks, slideshows, presentations and blog posts. Make it easy for your followers to engage with your content, ask them questions. This way they will interact with you and have a discussion.

Improve Your Content

Social media platforms are similar to search engines, it is searchable, so you need to make a strategy that will help you reach more people from social media as well. Do a thorough keyword research, then plan your content accordingly and insert the keywords that held a proper meaning in your posts, hashtags, and headings. And it is also important that you optimize your profile the same way you have optimized your site – with the right keywords in summaries, biographies, links, and captions and in the content as well. When it comes to search content or posts, keywords are the steps that guide the potential audience to your website or high-quality post. A Twitter, Instagram and Facebook user might land on your content because of the keyword search and like or share it or even follow your website.

Go Where The Audience Are

The world of social media is constantly changing. If you are limiting your social engagement on just one or two platforms, then you are missing out the bigger opportunities for your content to get viral. People who use Snapchat are not necessarily checking YouTube, or people who use Instagram are not visiting Facebook regularly. According to the studies, it is important that you diversify your social media platforms in order to get a high social media return on investments.

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Qurban Shah

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