Top 6 Best Practices For Magento Maintenance and Support

Top 6 Best Practices For Magento Maintenance and Support

It is crucial to maximize your Return On Investment(ROI) after having an Online Magento Business store.

To observe the growing sales and positive feedbacks, it becomes essential for your business store to operate perfectly without giving any errors.

Smallest of the problem with your Magento online store can literally cost you high. Poor customer experience can not only affect the customer sale on that day but puts an impact on the future sales from the store.

Even a slightest of compromise in the security of your store can give hackers right to redirect the customer to a false page and collect the database.

Customers, in such cases, could suffer identity theft, financial loss. The reputation of the merchant is also questioned in such cases. Magento development services provides you 24*7 support for any query regarding to your online store and gives you immediately solution.

Little issues like speed, security, and updates should not tamper the customer’s experience on your website. Following are 6 Best practices for Magento Maintenance and Support:

Setup and Optimize the Magento Website:

Adopt a Sabbatical method to review the architecture, code, database and server setting of the Magento Website.

If you are developing a new Magento store, optimize it from scratch. Why to wait for the things to go wrong when you can predict and prevent the issue? Develop a result oriented method to eliminate the risk.

Why not upgrade the website to the latest version?

One of the best practice you need to implement is upgrading the website to the latest Magento version. Upgrading will help to protect the website from data thieves(hackers).

Like we all go to a doctor for regular check-ups to ensure we stay healthy, Your Magento Store needs to be kept up to date to ensure security patches. The site will perform well matching the industry standards.

Opt for a reliable hosting service:

To have a seamless running website, it is of utmost importance to choose the host provider for the website. Check while selecting, whether the host provider service is working according to the industry standards.

Cheap or low-cost Magento hosting service may attract you, but they can not offer reliable services. Do not lose on money and reputation by selecting such low-cost hosting services.

Back up the Data:

Define a timely and scheduled backup policy so that the valuable and sensitive information is maintained properly. Maintain the data properly so that it is available on a single click. Try to store the data to an external location.

Secure the Server:

No unnecessary software should run on your background while working for the Magento server.

Use secured communication protocols like HTTPS, SSH, SFTP to manage the files. The password should be strong enough and should be changed from time to time.

Using different software on the same server with Magento can reveal information stored on the system. Keep the antivirus software up to date so that it can scan any malware regularly.

Configure Magento Site cache:

Select a varnish cache that can act as a web accelerator. This is one way to configure and is also known as a reverse HTTP proxy. This will save a copy of the page in RAM when a visitor visits the website for the first time. It increases the traffic on the website and thus leads to good performance.

Proactively monitor your site to see signs of issues. Maintain and monitor the error rates and server capacity to ensure that the error signs are caught as early as possible.

Understand your Magento store inside and outside, before making a new store.

Ensure the Magento store performs flawlessly round the clock and meets the expectations.

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Harshal Shah
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