5 Tricks To Get Your Business Website On Top In 2019

5 Tricks To Get Your Business Website On Top In 2019

As the New Year begins, online business gets more competitive than ever.

Achieving high search rankings is hard as there are hundreds of brands selling similar products and targeting the same keywords with their digital strategies. Further, the ever-changing Google search algorithms make things even more challenging. Despite these challenges, expert online marketers have come with a range of tactics to get ahead in the digital space. Here are some handy tips and tricks that you can try to get your business website on top in 2019.

Use conversational, long-tailed keywords

As voice technology takes over the digital setup today, it becomes critical to optimize your website with the right keywords. Do extensive research to work out the ones that are likely to fetch high traffic. Focus on conversational, long-tailed keywords that are likely to be a part of the voice search queries. A smart way to beat competition is by using phrase keywords that will probably lead more visitors for your website when they search via voice rather than typing.

Serve quality content on your website

Like always, content quality will be the key to winning the SEO game. Have high-quality and genuine content on your web pages. Also, ensure that it serves valuable information to the audience. Similarly, update your blog posts on a regular basis, preferably once in a week, to keep your website refreshed and active. Longer and in-depth blog posts have better chances of catching Google’s attention and getting high rankings.

Get quality backlinks with guest posting

Another smart way to achieve high rankings and sustain them is with a result-oriented guest posting strategy. Outreach specialists at Submitcore recommend guest posting on high-DA and niche-relevant blogs to fetch quality backlinks and build a diverse link profile. Quality backlinks not only have a positive influence on your SEO rankings but also bring targeted traffic to your website. This gets you higher chances of conversion as well.

Prioritize the site speed

Google gives preference to the websites that deliver excellent user experiences and site speed is a critical parameter in this context. Therefore, you should ensure that your site loads at a lightning fast speed if you want to fetch high ranking in 2019. Assess the site speed and resolve the issues that may be slowing it down for best results. Check out each of the navigational elements to ensure that they are performing seamlessly.

Focus on responsiveness

Getting your website on top of search rankings involves lot of work and making it responsive is one of the things that need to be done. The reason is that Google considers seamless mobile experience as one of the main parameter while allocating search rankings. The SEO packages by Submitcore include responsive checks for your site and you should definitely get one to ensure that you have this parameter covered.

Following these tactics can help you match your online expectations in the New Year. The best approach would be to partner with an expert service provider with the skill and capability to deliver the best results for you.

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Jason Troat

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