Online Marketing Trends in 2019

Online Marketing Trends in 2019

There’s no doubting the fact that online marketing is more nowadays usually more effective than traditional methods.

While some big names continue to advertise on TV and radio, or even billboards, the fact is that online marketing is arguably the most effective marketing method in the modern age. That doesn’t mean that online marketing is a one size fits all process. The very concept of online marketing is one that is in a constant state of flux, and as trends emerge or transform, so too should your marketing tactics. Developing a core marketing strategy that makes use of the latest and most popular trends is vital if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition and provide the best resource for consumers. As value and online marketing go hand in hand, so too do the trends that look set to make their impact in 2019.

Voice Search

Search engines are a key resource for marketing, and the priority as always is making sure that you have a strong presence on them. The transition to mobile voice searches is changing the way that companies are able to improve their search engine rankings, and those marketers that concentrate on the essentials of voice search are the ones that will maintain and improve their SEO rankings.


Most businesses already understand how effective email newsletters can be. Those businesses that take the time to develop a strong email marketing campaign will benefit from a direct line straight into a potential customer’s inbox. Failing to recognise why this is so beneficial means that your business lacks an understanding of what consumers are looking for from you.

Process Maintenance

It’s no secret that as a business grows, it becomes burdened down with outdated and costly processes. Statistical analysis is not new, but it is being used more effectively than ever and looks set to become a huge factor for businesses in 2019. One of the best ways to implement this into your business model is through Total Productive Maintenance, which can help you streamline your processes and reduce unproductive downtime.

Video Content

The majority of businesses have already made the pivot to video content for their marketing. Any business that has yet to establish the infrastructure for video creation are missing out on a valuable tool that can promote engagement and provide much-needed value to their target demographic. Look at how video content can boost your business reach and strengthen your brand, and you will be at the forefront of modern business trends.

Virtual Reality

When consumers want immediacy, smart businesses are integrating virtual reality (VR) into their portfolio. It’s no wonder, as VR allows customers in a variety of industries to try products, experiment with them, and make more informed decisions before they buy. VR (and the similar adoption of Augmented Reality) is set to be the trend that the majority of businesses integrate into their digital presence over the next few years.

Digital marketing is now essential for survival in the modern business world. For marketing and business growth, these trends are those that are expected to become the new normal in 2019.

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