Top 5 Free Airbnb Management Software in 2020

Top 5 Free Airbnb Management Software in 2020

Airbnb Management Software helps owners to be organized in bookings and automate their business. Check out TOP 5 Vacation Rental Software and choose the best!

Top 5 Free Property Management Software

Airbnb property management takes a drastic amount of time and requires substantial responsibility to keep the business successful. It is especially true for routine daily tasks. For example, messaging guests as soon as possible, seamlessly managing keys for easy check-ins and check-outs, or providing superior Airbnb concierge services.

If you manage several properties or several dozens of properties, the number of tasks makes Airbnb business extraordinarily stressful and challenging. A lot of hosts started using professional property management software to facilitate the routine and get enough time to focus on the significant responsibilities.

Good news is there are multiple free options to give them a try risk-free: Airbnb property management software for hosts will automate the workflow, provide an opportunity to combine several Airbnb accounts, improve the reliability of the booking calendar, speed up communication with guests, order cleaning hassle-free, and perform a lot more things significantly faster.

Best Free Airbnb Management Software featured by experienced hosts


Hostyapp is a popular choice for Airbnb property management as it provides excellent functionality matching the needs of hosts and facilitating the professional Airbnb business.

With Hosty, you can run several accounts at once and move the entire management process to the app.

HostyApp provides all users a free trial of its premium version for 14 days, which is more than enough for deciding if it meets your expectations. However, we are more than sure that hosts will be able to make use of its valuable features, intuitive interface, and reliable performance. All you need is to book a demo and then select the subscription plan with the desired feature pack: Basic, Advance, or Pro. 

Hosty Basic and Hosty Advance subscription options enable hosts to gather all the inbox messages in one list, provide messaging templates and multi-calendar. Using any of these options, Airbnb hosts can cover almost all booking management and listing management issues.

The difference between them is that Hosty Basic supports 1 to 4 Airbnb accounts and listings. At the same time, Hosty Advance allows property management from as many accounts as you wish and manage as many listings as you have. The functionality in these two subscription plans is the same.

Hosty Pro has an extended list of features, usually required by companies or large teams. These features include task delegation, automated reports, communication with property owners, and more.

The greatest thing about Hosty is that its trial is available for free, while the standard fee is affordable and reasonable.


Smoobu is another tool for managing Airbnb short-term rental property. The basic version is free of charge: it includes a reservation system, booking calendar, managing your homepage, and email support. The professional version additionally includes guest management, automation tools, website building, and a dozen of other valuable features. All that comes for free in a 2-week trial. However, after 14 days, you need to pay $15.20 per month with yearly payment.

Smoobu is a reasonable option for those who are testing the Airbnb management apps.


Bookfull is an online Airbnb management tool, which offers quite a lot for its free subscription plan. For example, it allows hosts to sync booking calendars, deal with channel management, update rates, receive reports, send messages in the app, and a lot more.

In addition to these, users can benefit from rentals united integration, owner’s portal, housekeeping, and maintenance - for $8 monthly per unit (starting from 5 units) in a Pro plan. The premium features, like Airdna and Docusign, are available for the Enterprise subscription plan for $12 monthly per unit (with a minimum of 10 units). It is worth a try! 


Lodgable Airbnb management software provides a lucrative free subscription plan, regardless of the number of properties, users, or bookings. You can create listings and then share them with multiple travel sites, accept online payments, manage financial reports, work with the unlimited number of rentals and collaborators, and more.

The paid app version is offered to enterprises or large teams, which require extended functionality. However, no information about it is available in free access - you need to contact sales specialists for details.


Bookerator is a nice product to try if you are a vacation rental property owner or manager and manage several properties. Users do not pay for sign up and marketing to all the booking sites. Also, the system does not charge fees from owners, and there is a small fee paid by guests, it is automatically added to the final rate published on Airbnb or another short-term rental website.

To use the entire Bookerator functionality without limits, create own website, or synchronize accounts to manage properties in one, you need to purchase a premium subscription, which costs 11.95 Euros per property per month or to choose the Multi-property premium for 39.95 Euros (from 2 to 100 properties).

Final Takeaway

If you are searching for an excellent option to manage your Airbnb short-term rental property and want to try a free tool first, use the above list. The applications and software products we collected are either totally free, or provide a substantial free trial to see what benefits they can bring, and how they can optimize the routine tasks to help your business flourish.

Essential features of such apps (according to hosts) are booking calendar management, check-in and check-out management, synchronization of accounts, messaging templates, and financial reports. Most of the five free property management software products we added to our list include these functions and actually provide a lot more. Give them a try!

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