With the advent of technological advancement on a large scale, it is no surprise that new technology solutions are available in every nook and corner of the world.

Further, newer ones are awaiting launch. There are ample software development tools which are available out there but choosing any particular one may be a challenge for you. There are several categories across which you may select a software development tool and for which, you may hire software developers. Let us help you with a few such options, which might simplify the task of selection for you.

Top 10 software development tools in 2019


If you are looking for an Integrated Development environment and server, then this could be your low code solution. This software development tool is used for professionals to create customized and automated business processes, to integrate different applications, and to manage high levels of the workload with efficiency. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, this tool offers multiple inbuilt functions for rapid development of software. With this tool, you may even perform live debugging with a unique step through logic.


NetBeans is a widely popular and free open source tool which can be used to develop mobile and web applications. For fast and smart editing of code, this tool can offer rapid user interface development. For developers who wish to write bug-free codes, this tool can prove to be quite useful. PHP and C/C++ software developers will find ample use of this tool. Any operating software which supports Java can be used to install and run this tool.

Zend Studio

A software developer can use this tool to write his codes faster and debug with much more ease. If user productivity is a point of consideration, then this tool certainly acts to help software developers. From indexing to validation, every step of the coding process is simplified for a developer and yields comprehensive debugging capabilities. A unique eclipse ecosystem is also responsible for extensive plugin support. A developer may be able to deploy PHP applications using this tool on any software platform and get ample support from it for features such as Docker and Git flow.


If you are looking for a text editor tool, then this one can be an excellent pick for you. Without modifying the configuration file, you can customize your code with this tool. Atom supports several operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and more. Developers can write their code faster and more efficiently with this tool. They may also browse for and open multiple projects through a single window. The atom interface can be split into multiple panes to compare and access the codes across various files. Any text may be sought and replaced through this tool.


Bootstrap is a primarily responsive framework. It finds usage in developing and working with HTML, CSS and more such languages. The software offers many built-in components which help you in making a web page more responsive with drag and drop assembly options. With this tool, you can make use of ready-made blocks of code and ensure the consistency of the project. With an extensive list of components, it offers base styling for multiple HTML elements. With Bootstrap, you may also make use of numerous customizing options as per the requirements of the specific project.

Expression Studio

When you hire software developers, you look for professional designing solutions for your project, which is quite possible with this tool. It gives greater freedom of development to the developer. You may be able to create a compelling user interface with the help of a sample data and also make use of a fast, flexible, and seamless workflow. Through the entire development process, this tool helps in saving time and delivering quick results. With advanced visual diagnostics, you may also indulge in speed debugging. With this tool, you also get the ability to develop precision layouts and use cross border debugging and advanced visual diagnostics.

HTML5 Builder

HTML5 Builder is a complete software solution for web and mobile app development. The best part about this tool is its ability to offer complete app development using a single code base. You may also target multiple operating systems and devices with this tool.

Visual Online

Visual Online tool is more like a complete collection of services. It is quite simple to plan and build. The tool, Visual Online, finds great use across multiple platforms for a perfect development phase. With this tool, a developer may be able to improve the quality of the code to a large extent and also catch any existing issues, with ease.


The Azure tool from Microsoft is used by developers widely to build, deploy, and manage their web applications. The best quality of this tool is its ability to support several programming languages, operating systems, and devices. Apps can be built and developed quite easily with this tool. At the same time, it also offers the ability to detect and mitigate the threats which might prevail in the project. With this tool, a developer may also deliver mobile apps much more seamlessly and great ease.


Designed like software as a service (SAAS) product, this tool finds great use in large scale application development. This tool is an umbrella platform for integrating and managing a large number of development tools. It offers rapid scaling ability for development teams, projects, and processes. The code may is deployed on the public and private cloud using this tool. In just a single click, the source code may be deployed using various protocols and run time environment. The publisher also allows you to deploy multiple servers in parallel.
There are many more such software development tools and solutions which you should check out and choose according to your requirement. Nevertheless, these tools are among the best in the market right. You can pick the one that best satiates your needs and fulfills the requirements of your projects.

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