Top 10 Design Tips For Building Profitable Start-up Mobile Apps

Top 10 Design Tips For Building Profitable Start-up Mobile Apps

The decision to develop a mobile app is never a cheap one. That is why using the lean MVP approach to develop a mobile app is one of the best methods to minimize wasted resources and help you develop your mobile app on a budget.

User design experience is an important component whenever you are developing a lightweight mobile app design strategy that will enable you to solve customer problems. Here are the 10 tips to design a successful startups mobile app :

Reduce the Functions

When you are wire framing your concept for the first time, there will always be an overarching function of the mbile app. For example, you can take taasky. It is known to be an overarching function when it comes to management of tasks. From this, one can reduce the UX design to a maximum of four actions

  • The Add task
  • The View Task
  • The Edit Task
  • The Remove Task

Most people are known to start their journeys with a wish list of around 15-25 actions that the user will be able to complete. Reducing the amount will not only make the UI sleeker but also it can also reduce frustrations in the journey of the user.

Reduce the screens

Any screen in a user flow is another screen that the user can exit . Some external factors such as slow loading time and poor wifi connection make movement of the screen to be a difficult task.

Leave the Breadcrumbs

In case there are several steps involved in a process, you can always use the bread crumbing technique. This will mean that the different users will be shown at the same time.

  • Exact place they are in the process
  • Total number of steps they require to complete the process
  • Make everything to be a task

Most of the mobile app users are known to use Start-Up Mobile app design & development apps in order to complete most of their tasks. The tasks can be either broad or specific. Ensure every function and text choice in your application is designed to

  • Complete their task
  • Show users how they will be able to complete their task.

There is no space or time the mobile users can always waste with a nice to have information and graphics.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Approximately 80% of the apps are known to be utility applications; they are designed for the user to be enabling a user complete a task. This is different from the media and gaming apps that the user engages in order to entertain them for a certain period. The retention of customers is considered to be a serious problem in the app market, one of the best methods you can combat that is to ensure that every customer is able to complete his app session when they are satisfied with the experience.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

You do not have to struggle to have a truly unique design. In fact, if you should be a fast user adoption. Using familiar icons and frameworks will ensure that the user knows what to do.

User Experience and Funnel Optimization

The importance of UX can never be overstated when dealing with funnel optimization. Funnel optimization will ensure that the user is on the task and keeps moving through the funnel provided they have enough information and options on each step. Depending on the complexity of the app, its design will consist of 1 or more keys.

Some popular funnel examples include:

  • Buying a pair of shoes
  • Sending an email
  • Reviewing to do list

The funnels will consist of many screens that will push the user down the funnel in order to complete the final goal.

Never request for details that is not necessary

Every user is interested in seeing a value of what they are offering before they can decide if they will sign up. You need to remember that data is a great privilege, it is the major form of currency, and user will want to give. Never expect any stranger to provide you with their personal data like DOB, email and credit card information in their first conversation with you. You need to give the custom mobile app design for startups user some time to trust you before you can request for their personal information.

Set a 60-second goal

One of the top objectives whenever you are designing a mobile app is to ensure that all the UX flows can be completed within 60 seconds. Though it sounds short, it is not with the right design.

Select the Right Platform

The number of devices an individual uses has increased with time as technology continues to evolve. Different platforms and devices exist and cater for the different behavioral needs of consumers.

Avoid the thinking of swiss army knife

Do you need to push away that need just to please every person? Actually, your app will never be perfect with every user. Whenever you are releasing An MVP, you need only to include the important features that will keep the purpose of the app clear for all the users.


Every business needs a website to help in marketing their products and services. However, most people do not know the right tips that will ensure the websites they develop are profitable to their startups. The design tips above will help you build profitable Start-up Mobile Apps.

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