Tips From A Philadelphia SEO Agency On Boosting Your Rankings

Tips From A Philadelphia SEO Agency On Boosting Your Rankings

With advancements in technology, the world of digital marketing has also become more competitive.

Fresh new techniques are coming in regularly, which highlights the importance of staying competitive and relevant. How? Through the proper use of Search Engine Optimization techniques on your website, so you can drastically improve your page rankings. If you’d like to learn more, you’re in luck because this article gives you tips from a Philadelphia SEO agency, such that you are learning from one of the best.

Produce relevant content.

One of the most important aspects of SEO that can boost your page’s rankings is through the posting of relevant content. What does this mean? Your content should be up-to-date and relevant to users today. For example, if you are trying to post about social media sites and you are writing about Friendster or MySpace, then there is little to no chance at all of the users to stumble across your website. The better the relevancy of your content, the higher your rankings will become as you will be more inviting to visitors.

Use media sparingly.

This Philadelphia SEO expert has noted that one of the most common mistakes committed by web developers is that they get too excited with the use of media. Having images and videos on your website is excellent as they break the monotony of only having text all over. However, the heavier your use of media is, the slower your page will load.
The key for you to remember, therefore, is to use media sparingly. If you can, limit your photos or video to only one for every post. If the image size is too heavy, take the time to edit and resize it without compromising the quality. The video and images on your website should be made to drive more traffic into your site, not away from it.

Use alt tags on your media.

Aligned with the section mentioned above, apart from just having photos or videos, you should also remember to incorporate alt tags. This refers to alternative text descriptions, which are simply like captions on the bottom of the image or video. This is for the purpose of letting the user know what is in the media should their connection disallow or disable the display of photos or media content.
A bonus tip for you to remember is that you should also incorporate keywords in the alt tags. Keep in mind that the basic task of keywords is to let search engine crawlers scan and identify your website after a user does a search so that you can make it to the top landing page of search results. With this, your ranking also improves as well. As ranking improves, so does your traffic, which also translates to increased sales and revenues for your website.

Organize your content into sections.

In the same manner as a book is divided into chapters, so should your website break down its content into different headers. If you can, make these headers into links as well, so that there is ease of navigation in your site, which is also an essential factor to help boost page rankings. For your header to be easily identifiable, the font size should be bigger than that of the text. Lastly and most importantly, your headings should also be catchy and complete with keywords.

Increase the loading speed of your page.

Page loading speed refers to how fast your website will load once it is opened. In developing your website, website speed should be one of your top priorities, as it is one of the most important factors search engines look through to increase rankings. Have you ever encountered that frustrating situation when you wanted to browse through a website, but opened another page instead because the one you were viewing loaded too slow? Yes, that happens, and you wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to your website.
This SEO agency expert noted that on average, your page loading speed shouldn’t take longer than 3 to 5 seconds. Beyond this, there is a 50% chance that the user will close your site and open another one instead. To test your page loading speed, you can also easily do so through websites that offer website speed tests.


You know the drill: the incorporation of SEO techniques on your website is critical for your page to consistently make it to high rankings. A top rank is essential to drive more visitors to your page. The higher the traffic on your page, the more income as well. With these insider tips from a Philadelphia SEO agency, you are now one step closer towards having that high-ranking website for your company.

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