Tips for Making Content More Readable For Establishing Improved Connection with Readers

Tips for Making Content More Readable For Establishing Improved Connection with Readers

There is absolute concurrence among writers of content that writing is not an easy job.

Writers, especially those who write for marketing purposes, must create content that can grab the attention of readers and help in creating the desired impact and outcome. They must also work in synchrony with the marketing team to create content that can drive relevant traffic and boost engagement.
You might believe that you have created great content and have checked all the boxes for quality and relevance. However, if there is very little engagement or very few people read your content, then it is of no use.
Recent research clearly shows that a large percentage of readers spend just a few seconds on the page they click on. This happens primarily because the content presented does not meet their information or quality expectations. While it is the responsibility of the marketing team to make sure that the content has been developed to ensure engagement, the writer too is equally responsible for ensuring that the website’s content captures the core idea of the marketing team.
You can follow the tips mentioned here to create content that has high readability and helps you establish an enhanced connection with your readers.

The Marketing Messaging Must Be Constructed Using Impactful Words

The marketing message content is a vital tool that can prove crucial for meeting your marketing targets and goals. Your email content, Facebook posts, Twitter messages or the content on the landing page of your website must be carefully constructed to maximize reach and impact. The content on all these sites must deliver what readers expect when they click on the link to these sites. Desist from using cheap tricks to entice your audience. It can have negative repercussions as readers would leave the site the moment they discover that the content does not match their expectations. This can lead to an increase in the bounce rate of the website.

Use Catchy Headlines but They Must Be Relevant to the Content

The headline is a way of attracting your audience and preparing them for what they should expect in the content that follows. Since it is the first thing readers are exposed to on a page, it should be catchy and clever. At the same time, your headline must also smartly convey the message of the content. Headlines can do a great job in driving the relevant traffic to your site but it is the quality and relevance of the content that will help you make them stay longer and carry out a call to action move, if any.

Content Must Create Value for Your Audience

If your marketing message and headlines meet the expectations of your readers, they will read your content. Make sure that the content you create provides great value to your readers. It should match the expectations and desires of your readers and provide value that can be utilized to match their objectives of visiting the site and clicking on the link.
It is equally important to structure the content in such a manner that the value of the content becomes apparent quickly to visitors. Try to deliver more than their expectations or at least meet them to ensure the success of your website.
This could be through offering bonus materials, links to related content, or additional media to support your resource. This ensures that readers leave your website with more information than when they had arrived.

Keep Paragraphs and Sentences Crisp

Long paragraphs and sentences can put off most readers. It is important to keep your sentences short and paragraphs crisp to attract your readers and keep them hooked. Experts agree that it is nearly impossible to keep readers engaged in long, winding content that does not have short, meaningful sentences and short paragraphs that convey a clear message as they have limited time to spend online. If you want better engagement, make sure your content is appropriately broken up into short paragraphs if it is lengthy.

Format Articles into Readable Sections

Yes, we have understood that short and crisp sentences and paragraphs are the keys to better reader engagement but there is something more too. Content marketing experts are putting a lot of stress on aspects like subheadings and bullet points especially while writing researched and guest blogging content. Content broken up by appropriate subheadings makes for easy reading. It provides busy readers the hook to scan the articles quickly and get a gist of what the entire content is all about. Readers cam mark out the portions that are important to them almost instantly and save time and effort in doing so. Bullet points and numbered lists also serve as extremely effective ways of breaking up content and can engage readers better even when they have limited time on their hands.

Include Relevant Links

It is regarded a healthy practice to include links to the sources which have been used as reference points for constructing the content. These links could help in justifying statistics, facts, and figures quoted in the content and can establish the authenticity of the content further. At the same time, make sure that the links are not forced into the content. They should be added to provide value and insight to the readers on the specific topic that the content addresses. When the authenticity of your article is well-established, the chances that it will be better read, shared, and commented upon increases significantly.

Add Powerful Visuals and Other Media to Create Impact

Did you know that human eye processes visuals thousands of times faster than text? Use this factor to enhance the readability of your content. Include images, audio files, videos, and embedded posts to give more to the readers in terms of value and quality. Adding visuals takes your content to another level. It is also an effective way of breaking up the monotonous reading of plain text.

Provide Some ‘What to do Next’ Ideas

After your readers have gone through the content, they must have a clear idea of what to do next in terms of using the input provided in the content. Have you made them aware of a problem and provided ways to find practical solutions? Have you offered them something to improve their understanding and knowledge of the subject? When you do so, readers will bookmark your content and come back to read more of your articles. It can help you establish that much-needed association and improve your readership base.

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