How to Have a WooCommerce Checkout Design That Drives Sales?

How to Have a WooCommerce Checkout Design That Drives Sales?

Checkout Page – The final destination of your website. A page that decides your sales numbers. And thereafter, the fate of your business.

You might be unaware of this fact; but most of the cart abandonments happen due to complex checkout design. Prolonged forms, too many questions, lack of ample amount of payment options are some of the major roadblocks in the checkout page design. Result? Plummeting sales!

As WooCommerce experts, today we will be addressing the issues of WooCommerce store owners. The reason being - although the checkout page of WooCommerce websites are quite similar to other websites; there’s a scope of achieving better user-interface with lesser efforts. Also, thanks to WordPress, WooCommerce comes with an array of tools and extensions that help in enhancing the checkout process. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to have a checkout page that drives better conversions:

Provide Social Media Sign-Ups

Creating an account seems like a huge task of many. As an e-store owner, you might ask information like first name, last name, email id, phone numbers and so on. Unfortunately, very few people like to undergo this procedure. Also, several buyers do not like to share their personal details.

By offering them to sign up through their social media accounts, you can get their credential details with ease. And it also brings much relief to them as they do not have to undergo prolonged signing up procedures. If you want to your customers to continue shopping by signing in through their social media accounts, you can ask a company providing WooCommerce Development Services to help you with the same.

Enable Guests to Order/Checkout

Several studies have proved that a huge percentage of users do not register and leave the card without making a payment. This is because they hate to fill in all the information for making a one time purchase.
Have you have visited the Apple store? If yes, you must have observed that offer a separate sign in for guests. Which means, the customers who are a one-time buyer do not need to undergo the registration process.

You can consider adding this feature and allow your users to check out as guests so that they can pay for the products they order easily. If you already have a WooCommerce website and you want to add a guest check out facility, you can request the professionals offering Custom WordPress development to help you do so. You will observe that it will make a huge difference!

Cut the Navigation

A page for surfing products, then a page that suggests other products, followed by a page that asks for a lot of information, then next and next! Also, not to forget the loading time between each page. A multiple checkout system is something that users loathe. Why? Well, because it completely slows down the process of shopping for them. The best way to combat a long navigational system is – One Page Checkout.

Through a one-page checkout, users can provide all the details at once. All you need to do is ask them to enter all the data you need in one page instead of many different pages. There are several WooCommerce based extensions and tools that enable the website owners to replace the prolonged checkout with a one click checkout design. They can also find different variety of plugins with different modules to choose from.

Offer a Breadcrumb Navigation

With something as simple as travelling from one place to another, we often figure out the root from the GPS and travel accordingly. Why not apply the same approach for website navigation? Use a checkout design that does not make your users speculate as to what is next. For example, if you ask about their personal details first and the order review and payment part is to follow later, show a progress bar underneath depicting the same.

If your customers do not know how many steps are still to go; they might abandon the buying process. Also, there are pros and cons to this one too. When the design shows at a glance that there are too many steps left, it also might prove as a drawback as it can make your users anxious. So, it is best to keep the total steps less and display breadcrumbs for the entire process.

More Check Out Buttons

“The ease to buy” is something that all the customers seek. And hence even the WooCommerce store owners demand for a similar facility from the WooCommerce experts. As a part of it, the developers provide the e-store owners with check out buttons below and above the cart page. As most of the people make purchases from their mobile today, the checkout design must be mobile responsive and enable people to purchase without having to scroll up or down much.

In a general scenario, the user adds the products to the cart and reviews it. Sometimes, they are in two minds as to whether to buy or not. So, they end up taking a decision at any part of the page. During such times, if you offer multiple checkout buttons, you can get them to finalize and order at the earliest.

Offer Secure Payment Gateways

WooCommerce websites are quite vulnerable to hackers. And hackers, as we all know, steel the data of buyers and misuse it. Hence, you need to provide your customers with a safe and secure payment gateway. There is a possibility that you might also be providing it. But, if you do not display the logo of payment gateway, the customers might not trust your website.

When you approach a company offering WooCommerce development services, you can ask the company to help you with adding logos as well as SSL certificates. When your customers see these logos, they are likely to trust you with their confidential information. Remember…secure payment gateways along with good quality products and services can work wonders for your business.


We hope these check out design options prove valuable to you when it comes to building the checkout page for your WooCommerce Website. Get in touch with our developers and know how they make use of the best tools to offer you with one-page checkouts. We wish you the best!

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Maulik Shah
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